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Walmart Recall: Baked goods recalled due to health risk

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  • Walmart announces the withdrawal of 13 products from its shelves.
  • It was confirmed that Enjoy Life Natural Brands products have been recalled.
  • The recall affects all 50 states.

Walmart recently announced that it will remove more than 13 Enjoy Life Natural Brands products from its shelves because they have been reported to pose a possible health hazard. The recall affects all 50 states.

From cookies to granola bars, Enjoy Life products will be not be on supermarket shelves for a while. Walmart provided a list of the items that were removed from the supermarket so that consumers are aware in case they bought any of these products before the information was released.


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On Thursday, it was announced that Walmart is recalling more than 13 Enjoy Life Natural Brands products because they could pose a health risk. Through a press release, the company announced that it will be removing everything from cookies to granola bars from its shelves.

All 50 states will be affected by the recall of these products, according to The Sun. The company announced the recall was prompted by an issue that came up during a quality control inspection.

Why are the products being recalled?

Why are they leaving the market?
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Enjoy Life Natural Brands  announced that more than 13 products must be withdrawn from the market as a precaution because of the possible presence of hard plastic pieces in several packages. After this information was released, Walmart decided to remove products that may cause a health risk from its shelves.

“Enjoy Life Natural Brands LLC announced today a voluntary recall, out of an abundance of caution, of a limited quantity of a select list of baked snacks products due to the potential presence of hard plastic pieces. The company became aware of this issue as a result of internal quality assurance surveillance,” the press release stated.

What products are being recalled?

Walmart recall US products: What products are leaving the market?
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The products that will be withdrawn from Walmart, after it became known that some of these products may have some pieces of hard plastic inside which could be hazardous, include granola bars and cookies. In a list released by the company, it was announced that these products were also sold in Canada.

“This recall is limited exclusively to the Enjoy Life products and Best By Dates listed in the grid below which are sold in retail stores and online in the United States and Canada. No other Enjoy Life Foods products are affected by this voluntary recall,” said Enjoy Life Natural Brands. Filed Under: Walmart recall US products

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