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Vieira Vidente predicted Debanhi Escobar’s death

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  • Revealing video from Vieira Vidente resurfaces.
  • Like Mhoni Vidente, the renowned psychic was correct in her prediction about what would happen to Debanhi Escobar.
  • «She did not expect that betrayal by her friends,» she said just a few days ago.

Almost a week after the disappearance of 18-year-old Debanhi Escobar became known, the renowned psychic Vieira Vidente shared a revealing video on her official YouTube channel where she has more than 1.3 million subscribers. The video was titled: The whole truth about the disappearance.

Now, after the young Hispanic girl’s death was sadly confirmed, this video has resurfaced and has caused all kinds of reactions. So far has close to a million views: “That the girl has died shows that even her friends betrayed her and it breaks my heart. It hurts me because just as it happened to her, it can happen to me too,» reads one of the most recent comments.

What did Vieira Vidente say about Debanhi Escobar in this video?

What did Vieira Vidente say about Debanhi Escobar in this video?
YouTube photo

«We didn’t start well at all. I did not expect this. The cards and my ancestors are telling me that this girl, besides being very good daughter, loves animals and is very humble. Sadly, she did not expect that betrayal by her friends. She was not happy at that party. She was there to please her friends. One of these girls envied her and ‘wanted to bury her alive’, as the saying goes. She talked to her, but she couldn’t stand her. Debanhi Escobar fell into her trap.»

Vieira Vidente began the card reading fiercly although there would still be more to reveal: “There are three people behind this case. They are going to be looking for her by the sea, but she is not in the water, I do not feel that.” It should be noted that the Hispanic girl, everything seems to indicate, was found in the cistern at a motel in Escobedo, Nuevo León.

Debanhi Escobar had «a whole future ahead»

Debanhi Escobar had "a whole future ahead"
YouTube photo

In another of her card readings, Vieira Vidente shared that Debanhi Escobar had «a whole future ahead of her,» in addition to insisting that she was betrayed by her friends who left her to her fate and sent her home with someone she trusted.

“With the greatest respect and my condolences to her family and her father, I have to tell them to keep looking for her, she will appear. Many people do not appear, but she is not going to appear alive, she is with God, «said the psychic in another part of this video.

Vieira Vidente sends a strong message to Debanhi Escobar’s murderer

Vieira Vidente sends a strong message to the murderer of the young Hispanic woman
YouTube photo

In another part of the video Vieira Vidente practically stated Debanhi Escobar’s death as a fact. She did not want to miss the opportunity to send a forceful message to the person who took the life of this 18-year-old girl : “To the person who ‘supposedly’ took her (to the party) and who abandoned her there, you know what you did. If you were watching me, you are the culprit along with the two girls.»

“You guys were planning this for a long time, all out of jealousy, because of this man. Here is a man in love, with flowers, be careful who you give your friendship to, not all people are friends. Debanhi was blind for a long time thinking that they were her friends and because she did not speak it was easier for you (again referring to the alleged culprit) to silence her and do what you did, » she concluded. (TO SEE THE VIDEO, CLICK HERE).

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