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US captures top ISIS leader in Syria

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  • The United States captures a top ISIS leader who was a bomb maker.
  • US authorities confirmed that there were no casualties and no one was injured during the military ground raid.
  • The man was an “experienced bomb maker and facilitator.”

ISIS LEADER CAUGHT. The United States captures a high-ranking ISIS leader in Syria, who was in charge of making bombs. The US authorities confirmed that there were no casualties and no one was injured during the military ground raid in which they managed to arrest the suspect.

On Thursday, June 16, the United States reported on a military raid in northeastern Syria, in which they captured a major Islamic State bomb maker who had become one of the organization’s most influential terrorists.

US captures top ISIS leader in Syria

US captures top ISIS leader in Syria
Photo: Twitter

«Coalition forces detained a senior Daesh leader during an operation in Syria on June 16,» said a statement from Operation Inherent Resolve. “The detained individual was assessed to be an experienced bomb maker and facilitator who became one of the group’s top leaders in Syria.”

US officials identified the man as Hani Ahmed Al-Kurdi also known as the ‘Wali of Raqqa’, a name that comes from Wali whose meaning is governor and Raqqa which is the name of a city in northern Syria that was once the capital of the Islamic State, according to the Washington Post.

No collateral damage

US captures top ISIS leader in Syria
Photo: Twitter

Authorities also reported that no one was injured during the operation. “The mission was meticulously planned to minimize the risk of collateral damage, particularly any potential harm to civilians. There were no civilians harmed during the operation nor any damage to Coalition aircraft or assets.»

«Coalition forces will continue to hunt the remnants of Daesh wherever they hide to ensure their enduring defeat,» concludes the brief statement from the US-led anti-ISIS coalition on the positive results of the military operation in northeast Syria.

Hani Ahmed Al-Kurdi captured

Photo: Twitter

“Though degraded, ISIS remains a threat. We remain dedicated to its defeat. Last night’s operation, which took a senior ISIS operator off the battlefield, demonstrates our commitment to the security of the Middle East and to the enduring defeat of ISIS,» said Army General Michael Erik Kurilla, chief of USA Army Central Command, reported ABC News.

This arrest is important for the coalition because Hani Ahmed Al-Kurdi was one of those in charge of planning attacks. Similar raids targeting the organization’s leaders have enabled the US military to whittle down ISIS forces.

Defeating ISIS

Photo: Twitter

In October 2019, the elite Delta Force carried out a military operation near the Turkish border to capture the organization’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who ended up committing suicide during a raid. In February 2022, a similar story repeated itself. The US military was after Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, the successor to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but the new leader blew himself up during a raid on his hideout in Atma, Syria.

Several children died during the explosion and criticism of the civilian casualties has fallen on the US military, which has recognized errors in some operations. However, the United States intends to wipe out any remnants of ISIS, which was defeated militarily in 2019 but remains a threat because its leaders have since remained in hiding while inspiring their followers to commit violent attacks.

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