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Undocumented Mexican could not collect his lottery prize after winning almost a million dollars

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  • An undocumented Mexican immigrant could not collect his lottery prize after winning almost a million dollars.
  • However, the Consulate General of Mexico in California gave him his passport so that he could open a bank account and receive his award.
  • The Hispanic bought two scratch-offs and was about to lose the opportunity to collect his prize.

After almost nine months of uncertainty, an undocumented Mexican immigrant who won almost a million dollars in the California lottery, managed to collect his prize despite the fact that at the time of winning it he did not have ‘papers’, La Opinión reported.

The Mexican from Oaxaca won $ 750,000 after buying two “Mystery Crossword” scratch-offs on October 30, 2020. One of the scratches cost him $ 5 and the other $ 10.

Undocumented Mexican wins the lottery but, having no papers, he feared he would not be able to collect his prize

undocumented man wins lottery
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At first, in a desperate attempt not to lose the prize, the Mexican immigrant tried to get another person who did have papers to collect the money, however, the lottery began an investigation after this action, delaying the payment for months, the reported medium reported.

After those months of investigation, the California Lottery finally issued a check in favor of the immigrant in the amount of $ 525,000, after the discount for state taxes. However, the problems continued since, having no papers, he could not open a bank account and therefore could not collect his prize.

The immigrant tried to get someone else to collect the prize

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«At that moment I felt happy and at the same time tears came down,» said the undocumented man in an interview with Univisión where he asked to remain anonymous. The Mexican assured that he felt anguished since he did not know how he could cash the check when he did not have ‘papers’.

Finally, and thanks to the help of the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles, California, the undocumented person was able to obtain a Mexican passport that would demonstrate his identity and that it would allow him to open a bank account, necessary to deposit the lottery check.

Lottery ticket was going to be thrown away, they rescued it and had a prize of $ 1 million

Lottery ticket
Photo Twitter

On the other hand, a ticket that had the prize of $ 1 million and that was already practically in the trash, was rescued by the owner of the shop and he returned it to the winner, according to a publication made on the news portal Boston 25 News. According to WWLP, it was Abhi Shah who was checking a lot of tickets that were about to be thrown to the trash, as none were the winners, however, his with a view almost super powerful, she managed to see something that caught her attention.

It all started when a buyer came to her business and got her ticket, scratching her saw that there was no prize, which is why she decided to return it to be sent to the trash or added for a second chance. But when checking the container of the tickets that would be sent to the trash, the owner noticed a detail in one of the tickets that were there, so he decided to look at it carefully and realized that it did not have to be thrown away.

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