Inicio » English » They attack her asking about the child’s father! They make Pamela Silva cry in Despierta América (VIDEO)

They attack her asking about the child’s father! They make Pamela Silva cry in Despierta América (VIDEO)

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  • Pamela Silva cries for her baby in Despierta América
  • Users attack the driver of First Impact
  • Followers tell you to tell who your baby’s father is

Pamela Silva baby video. The conductor of First impact, Pamela Silva cries on the show Wake up America When she remembered the first time she introduced her baby, and followers called her down, asking her when will be the day when she will present the child’s true father.

It was a few months ago when the host of the show Univision, First impact, Pamela Silva officially presented her baby named Ford, in the midst of countless scandals from her divorce with the president of the NBC Universal News Group, Cesar Conde.

After this, there was much speculation about her pregnancy and her divorce, where followers claim that she cheated on Cesar or vice versa, while others argue that that baby was due to artificial insemination, although everything remains in simple rumors.

Pamela Silva baby video

VIDEO: Instagram. Wake up America

In the midst of all this, the Wake up America, He shared a video on his official Instagram account, where we see how the driver originally from Peru, Pamela Silva, cries when she remembers the first time she presented her baby on camera.

In the clip, with a duration of around 10 minutes, we can see the conductors Alan Tacher with Karla Martínez, in the section: Do you remember…?, which consists of putting several memories of its invited artists.

On this occasion it was the turn of the presenter Pamela Silva, and in the middle of the section, she broke down crying when she remembered when she showed her baby Ford: “May 4, 2020, you gave the most important news of your life, do you remember? of?” the driver started Mexican.

Later a fragment appeared where Pamela Silva, quite emotional, presented her baby on the program First impact, After this, we see how the driver cries when she sees this charming moment:

“Oh how I cried that day, I was nervous, excited and hormonal too, my son had days and what I said that day is true, he came to make my life happy and he has done it from the moment he was born, he is spectacular, he is a little angel ”.

You can see the video of Pamela Silva crying for her baby here.

After this emotional video, where Pamela Silva remembers when she officially presented her baby in front of cameras, various comments began to arrive, where users of the Program They went against the driver.

Various followers of Wake up America, They ask the driver to say who the father of the child is:

One follower wrote: “When do you introduce dad? An exclusive for Wake up America or First Impact, It would be very good, right?

Pamela Silva baby

VIDEO: Instagram. Wake up America

Another Internet user argued that since she is from the same network, they did not put her in compromising situations: “And they don’t ask her about their separation? She is from the business, but if he were another artist they would have finished with him, that is not correct ”.

“What’s up, why didn’t you ask who you cheated with on your husband?” asked a user in the video of Pamela Silva’s baby, to which another girl replied: “The husband cheated on her with a Venezuelan, she was a victim of everything.”

VIDEO: Instagram. Wake up America

“And they didn’t ask him about his infidelity? Then they get offended when they are called “paleros”, writes a follower of the program, to which a girl responds: “Exactly, and then they get offended when they call him a coward, because there you show that you are a palero for not asking who he is father of the son and with whom he cheated husband”.

Filed Under: Pamela Silva Baby

More comments began to arrive on the video of Pamela Silva, host of First impact, where we see how the driver breaks down in tears when remembering her baby Ford:

Another user asked: “Why do they never ask about the father? Because as they say it is from Univision you can’t ask ”. To which one user replied: “It is not only there, in each chain television is like that, it takes care of its workers, and nobody talks about the problems they have, even if they are in the public eye ”.

“I hope you say who the father of that child is?”, “Did they ask you about the son and the husband situation, or is it the same as with the siliconde?”, “It’s pure drama, he just wants to be hurt, that’s why he hid the baby ”,“ They are cowards, they don’t ask him about anything ”.

VIDEO: Instagram. Wake up America

They were one of the many comments that could be read in Pamela Silva’s video, where she began to cry when she remembered the first time she presented her baby in a official.

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