Inicio » English » After rumors of separation from Piqué is Shakira flirting with Henry Cavill? (PHOTOS)

After rumors of separation from Piqué is Shakira flirting with Henry Cavill? (PHOTOS)

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  • Is divorce coming?
  • Shakira may have caught Gerard Piqué with another woman.
  • After cheating rumors is Shakira flirting with Henry Cavill?

Shakira is going through a complicated time with some ups and downs. While enjoying the success of her song, Te Felicito, rumors that Gerard Piqué may have been unfaithful to her and was caught with another woman, are increasing. The scandal is all over the news in Spain … but will the Colombian singer get back at him with Superman actor Henry Cavill?

Since rumors of Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s separation have spread, internet reactions have been all over the place. Many express shock and indignation because, if that could happen to Shakira, it could happen to anyone! A video could confirm the suspicions.

Will Shakira get back at Gerard Piqué?

shakira separation

Apparently, a publication from Spain asserts that Gerard Piqué had been in a relationship with a woman for a few weeks and was caught by Shakira. She allegedly got angry and asked him to leave the house, so the footballer went to stay at his bachelor apartment.

That, obviously, has not been confirmed by the couple, but the rumors about Piqué’s infidelity are quite strong. However, what the footballer does not know is that, perhaps, his partner and the mother of his children, is already planning to get back at him with a famous actor.

Shakira starts following Henry Cavill

Gerard Hammered worried

According to Noticieros Televisa, Shakira started following Henry Cavill on Instagram. Cavill is best known for starring as Superman and he’s admired by many and loved by all women for his good looks and imposing physique. He has expressed interest in the gorgeous singer before.

It happened on social media when a TikTok video, showing a moment from the 2015 red carpet for the movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E., went viral. Henry Cavill was being interviewed and he was suddenly became nervous and distracted, thinking that Shakira was nearby.

Could Henry Cavill take away Gerard Piqué’s woman?

Video of Henry Cavill surprised by Shakira

Although Henry Cavill currently has a girlfriend, people are furious that Gerard Piqué may have been unfaithful to Shakira, so now they are speculating that the Colombian could ‘use’ Superman to take revenge on the footballer.

“Is it Shakira?” Henry Cavill said to a reporter on the red carpet, as he looked around nervously. Apparently, he thought that the Colombian singer may have made an appearance at the premier, which did not happen. On TikTok, they put together several images to make it look like she did attend.

Goodbye Gerard Piqué

Gerard Pique unfaithful

People are desperate to know if the break up of Gerard Piqué and Shakira is real, so that Henry Cavill can make his move and can flirt with the Colombian. Now fans are even more excited because the singer began to follow Cavill on Instagram and that is a clear sign that she saw the video where the actor is excited to see her on the red carpet.

“Pique felt the real terror.” “Piqué trembling at 3,2 1….” “Uy Shakira this is better than your boyfriend, I can’t stand Pique., Henry is wonderful.” “he likes Shakira” “If I am Pique right now I would be looking for another planet to move with my wife.” “Piqué trembles….. Who else wants to see Shakira with Henry?” “In fact, Shakira began to follow him and we know that when she follows someone is because there is some work with that artist,”commented several people. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF HENRY CAVILL ASKING ABOUT SHAKIRA. Some images in this article come from East Y East videos.

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