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Mhoni Vidente says 2022 is the beginning of the end of the world (VIDEO)

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  • Mhoni Vidente reveals her predictions for 2022.
  • Is it the beginning of the end of the world?
  • What will happen in the new year?

“I’m not kidding, the end of the world is near” Cuban psychic, Mhoni Vidente reveals her predictions for the year 2022 and says catastrophic events could mean the beginning of the end of the world. She is predicting coups and a fourth wave of Covid-19.

Wow, things have not been going well for humanity lately. After the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019 and early 2020, the world has sunk into a deep mass hysteria, full of regrettable events and deaths around the planet.

Mhoni Vidente’s predictions for 2022

The predictions of Mhoni Vidente for this 2022
VIDEO: YouTube

Unfortunately, things do not look good for 2022. Or at least this is what clairvoyant and astrologer, Mhoni Vidente, says. According to her predictions for 2022 this will be the year in which the end of the world begins and it will bring endless misfortunes.

The Debate has reported several of the astrologer’s statements, where she says that there will be many unfortunate events including coups and a devastating fourth wave of COVID-19. She says there will be a cure but it will still be a difficult time.

Mhoni Vidente reveals her predictions for 2022

Hit of State? Mhoni Vidente releases his predictions for 2022
VIDEO: YouTube

In a video published on her official YouTube channel, “Official Channel Mhoni Vidente”, the Cuban psychic reveals her predictions for 2022. She declared that the most important countries for this year would be China, Russia, the United States and India.

At the beginning of her video, and according to the information from the outlet, the psychic predicted that political problems will be the order of the day. One of them will be an alleged coup that will take place in Peru against Pedro Castillo. This will result in protests and turmoil.

A fourth Covid wave will hit the world

A fourth wave will hit the world; says Mhoni Vidente in his predictions for this 2022
VIDEO: YouTube

Things did not end there. Before revealing that the end of the world is closer every day, she also revealed that there will be a fourth wave of COVID-19 which will bring countless active cases and deaths, especially in the first months of 2022.

Fortunately, Mhoni Vidente also predicts that there will be a cure for COVID-19. She says it will completely eradicate the virus and we will finally see the beginning of the end of the pandemic that has claimed millions of lives around the world. Even so, she stressed that COVID will return in 10 years, that is, in the year 2031. “You have to be prepared for what is coming,” she said.

Natural disasters are predicted for 2022

Natural disasters, one of the many predictions of Mhoni Vidente for this 2022
VIDEO: YouTube

In addition to revealing that COVID-19 will presumably return to the world within 10 years, Mhoni Vidente stated that the virus had been created to decrease the world population. This is a theory that has been strongly attacked by many people.

This was not her only prediction. She also said that a meteorite would fall in the middle of the ocean. In addition, as if this were not enough, she predicted earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and other natural phenomena. According to her, all of this will be the beginning of the end of the world.

Is the end of the world near?

The end of the world is close?
VIDEO: YouTube

Astrologer Mhoni Viente pointed out in her predictions for this 2022, that this year will be the beginning of the end. She firmly believes that within a few  years the world could end. She says this is a wake up call to the public that they must begin to take care of the planet and save it from pollution.

“We must take care of humans and take care of the planet, that humanity is in danger, the Earth is in danger. Let’s save the world, I’m not kidding, the end of the world begins in the year 2022, that end that many people were waiting for in the Bible, in the apocalypse,” she said in her video. And what do you think? YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

Mhoni’s predictions about the most powerful men in the world

VIDEO: YouTube

What will happen in 2022? Closing with a flourish, on the last day of the year, Cuban psychic Mhoni Vidente shares her predictions about the most powerful men in the world. She mentions everyone from Joe Biden to Andrés Manuel López Obrador and other presidents from various countries around the world.

The psychic beloved by Hispanics, who has great success on social media and countless predictions fulfilled in 2021, shared a revealing video on her official Youtube channel where she had something to say about everyone. So pay attention!

Mhoni’s predictions about the most powerful men in the world

VIDEO: YouTube

According to the Emperor’s letter, Mhoni Vidente says that Mexico will continue to grow economically in order to move forward, but it will have several obstacles in the government: “Definitely, a single man dominates an entire party and an entire country: Andrés Manuel López Obrador.”

“(2022) will be a year of political betrayals for the president, betrayals by his own friends, by his closest people. The president’s party begins to fracture (referring to Morena), so several factions are going to be formed in a single party. For López Obrador, his most critical months will be May, August and October, since his health will be affected.”

What will happen to Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela?

VIDEO: YouTube

Next, the Cuban psychic shared that Venezuela, “is being dominated by the devil,” referring to, “the president who became a dictator,” Nicolás Maduro. He does not want to let go of his people so he can continue dominating the country at all times. And there is more….

“The card from El Diablo is on him, but everything he has done in matters of witchcraft, santeria and satanic rituals is going to turn against him, that is, an attack or a coup d’état has been visualized. There will also be people who will help him from Colombia and the United States.”

Mhoni Vidente also mentions Peru

VIDEO: YouTube

“Pedro Castillo (President of Peru) has been involved in controversy and many people do not want him in power. A political trial is coming for him, as well as an attack to remove him from the presidency, so there will be new elections and a new, strong man will arrive who will dominate this country,” said Mhoni Vidente.

In another vein, the seer beloved by Hispanics shared that some leaders, including in Mexico, Venezuela and Nicaragua, will want to help Pedro Castillo so that he stays in power, which will be practically impossible. “The people will take to the streets to ask for his resignation,” she said.

And Joe Biden?

VIDEO: YouTube

In another part of her video, Mhoni Vidente states that Joe Biden, president of the United States, is staying as healthy as possible to continue governing the most powerful country in the world, although he did not count on the card from El Loco behind him.

“Biden is going to have mental health problems or suffer from dizziness or blood pressure problems, so they will have to take action in the United States to keep moving forward. They will leave Kamala Harris in his place, becoming the first female president in the history of the United States.”

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