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Marisol Terrazas made a confession to Chiquis about Jenni Rivera

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  • The former member of Los Horóscopos de Durango confessed something to Chiquis Rivera.
  • Marisol Terrazas says Jenni was,”A great woman.”
  • The unfortunate situation that Jenni and Marisol both experienced.

The former member of the group Los Horóscopos de Durango sang with her sister Vicky Terrazas and the two have not stopped doing duets together. The Antes Muerta que Sencilla singer appeared on the La Mesa Caliente show yesterday and she talked with the hosts about various topics.

One topic that stood out was the intimate friendship she had with Jenni Rivera. Terrazas said some very important things about their relationship. She even said that she continues to remember the Diva de la Banda with great affection. Marisol also made a confession to Chiquis recently about her mother….

Marisol talks about her relationship with Jenni

Marisol Terrazas confession Chiquis
VIDEO: Telemundo/ The Hot Table

Marisol Terrazas, like Jenni, loves banda music. That’s why the two had a close relationship. On other occasions, the former member of Los Horóscopos de Durango had already commented a bit about how “they partied together” and had an incredible time.

In an interview on La Mesa Caliente, the singer confessed that Jenni didn’t let her down at a difficult time in her life, when she found out that her daughter had been the victim of sexual abuse. Marisol confessed that she no longer wanted to continue doing music because she lost her motivation. However, it was the Diva de la Banda who encouraged her to go on.

“Jenni helped me a lot”

Marisol Terrazas confession Chiquis
VIDEO: Telemundo/ The Hot Table

As the interview progressed, the sister of Vicky Terrazas said that she continues to remember Jenni with much love and affection, since they had a friendly relationship. In addition, she said that she continues to communicate with Jenni through prayers and that she had confessed it to Chiquis.

“A little while ago I spoke with Chiquis, and I told her ‘I’m going to confess something to you.’ The first weekend I got up on stage, I always entrust myself to Our Lady, my mom and Jenni and say: ‘Girl, please help me.’ And to this day, every time I go on stage. I sent Chiquis a text and she said thanks for telling me. But I wanted to share it with her, to let her know how much of a woman she was and I still admire her and I love her very much,” Marisol said.

Marisol and Jenni experienced similar situations

Marisol Terrazas confession Chiquis
VIDEO: Telemundo/ The Hot Table

Marisol and Jenni Rivera have something very tragic in common. Marisol Terrazas’ daughter was sexually abused seven years ago. Marisol found out on her birthday when her daughter wrote her a letter telling her in detail what had happened. The singer decided to take action on the matter, although she has never said who was the culprit, according to Noroeste.

Marisol said her daughter didn’t want to tell her in person because she was afraid of how her mom would react. Years later, she and her daughter already in recovery. They decided to move forward together and Marisol returned to the stage again a few months ago. Hearing the news had killed her musical inspiration for some time.

Chiquis also suffered from sexual abuse

Marisol Terrazas confession Chiquis
Photo Reforma Agency

Jenni Rivera’s daughter, Chiquis, was sexually abused by her father, José Trinidad Marín, when she was barely 8 years old. He also abused her sister, Jacquie, and even her aunt, Rosie Rivera. Jenni’s first husband was a terrible influence in the singer’s life because he abused her and made her insecure. It was a very painful time in her life.

When the Rivera family learned of such atrocities, they decided to take matters into their own hands. However, José Trinidad fled when he learned that the police were looking for him. Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband was arrested in 2006 and sentenced to 31 years in prison, according to Debate. This is what Marisol shares with Jenni, going through the hell of having her daughter who was abused.

Marisol did not want to sing anymore

PHOTO: Reforma Agency

Myrka Dellanos told the Si La Quiero singer that she and Jenni had similar pain and that this brought them closer together. Marisol replied that she had no motivation when she found out what had happened to her daughter. She did not want to go back to singing either.

“In fact, when my situation happened. I don’t like to talk about it because my daughter is married now and I didn’t think about going back to Los Horoscopos. What’s more, I didn’t think about going back to work, period. I wanted to stay home to take care of my family, because at that time I was married to my ex-husband,” said the banda singer. In the end, the singer did return to music and she and her daughter both managed to move on. Good for them! (COMPLETE VIDEO)

Marisol remembers the Great Lady

paranormal activity tomb jenni
Getty Images

Nine years after the death of her friend Jenni Rivera, Marisol Terrazas shared how she remembers “La Gran Señora” who repeatedly encouraged her to move on. “She started helping women and I think maybe we would already be listening to other women on the radio produced by her, but unfortunately, no,” she said.

According to Agencia Reforma, the former member of Horóscopos de Durango, who is now going solo, recalled how “La Diva de la Banda”, who died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012, encouraged her at a time of crisis. “She sent me a message, I said ‘I don’t want to anymore, I’m not interested in (continuing doing music),’ And she told me, ‘How is it possible, we are few women,’ and it took me several months to return. Like five or six.

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