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March 1st Mega Millions winning numbers released

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  • The winning numbers for the Mega Millions draw on Tuesday, March 1.
  • The guaranteed jackpot for this week is $102 million.
  • Are you the new millionaire of the Mega Millions draw?

Mega Millions Winning numbers for March 1. Were you the winner? Take the opportunity see if you are the one who will take home millions of dollars just by buying a lottery ticket. It could be you! The Mega Millions draw could bring you millions of dollars and you could be a brand new millionaire. You only have to choose the winning numbers.

As is customary, the drawing is held every week, in order to award the millions of dollars. The guaranteed jackpot for Tuesday, March 1 is $102 million. If you turn out to be the winner you can choose a one-time cash payment of $67.7 million. Do you want to know if you were the new lucky one? Find out! Here are the winning numbers for this Tuesday, March 1:

18 22 38 39 50 – 18

Megapliers: 2x

March 1 Mega Millions Winning Numbers

You can find all the winning numbers at There, you can see if you are the new winner of the week. The jackpot is increased with each drawing and many people are participating to win that huge amount of money.

It should be remembered that the Mega Millions drawing is done on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week, so don’t wait any longer, go and buy your ticket. Today could be your lucky day. Even on YouTube you can see the exact moment when the balls with those lucky numbers come out. TO SEE THE COMPLETE DRAW CLICK HERE .

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