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Did she lose the baby? Lyn May says she is no longer pregnant (VIDEO)

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  • Lyn May says that she is no longer pregnant.
  • The vedette claims that something bad happened in one of her flights.
  • She also says that she will go at Julián Gil hammer and tongs.

Lyn May lost baby. After the great scandal that Mexican starlet Lyn May sparked when she said that at 68 years of age she was expecting, today it seems that that version is over. During an interview on social networks, she confirmed that perhaps she is no longer pregnant.

It was through the Instagram account of the program El Gordo y la Flaca that a video of an interview with Liliana Mendiola Mayanes, better known as Lyn May, was shared, showing her arrival at the airport after a flight from Mexicali to Mexico City. In the video, she revealed that maybe she had already lost the baby.

Lyn May mentions that she is no longer pregnant

Lyn May lost baby
Photo Instagram Lyn May

The Mexican star mentioned that on her flight she suffered a tremendous scare, since the plane had some failures, which generated panic in the crew. After her arrival in Mexico City, Lyn May told the cameras that because of the scare she even lost her baby, so she is no longer pregnant.

It should be remembered that a few weeks ago the Mexican star Liliana Mendiola Mayanes, artistically known as Lyn May, surprised everyone by reporting that she was pregnant at 68 years old, and despite the fact that much is said that it may be a joke on the part of the actress , several followers are ‘worried’ about her.

Lyn May lost baby: “The pregnancy is over”

Lyn May lost baby: "The pregnancy is over"
Photo Instagram El Gordo y la Flaca

Everything seems to indicate that the surprise that the star was expecting a baby is over, as Lyn May said in an interview for El Gordo y la Flaca. Apparently the plane suffered a detail in its engine during its flight, causing panic in the crew, including the Mexican celebrity, according to the Herald of Mexico.

“I think the pregnancy is over, because with that fright and that jolting of the plane, we were really born again. I think they were scared, but the pregnancy is over, “she said upon arrival at the Mexico City airport. Could it be that he lost the baby during his flight?

Lyn May lost baby: He will go with everything for Julián Gil

Lyn May lost baby: He will go with everything for Julián Gil
Photo Instagram El Gordo y la Flaca

Moments after confirming that her pregnancy is over, which by the way until the baby shower she was preparing, Lyn May has her eyes on the Argentine actor, who could be her new beau: “I’m going to sit down a little bit, because I’m starting a movie with Julián Gil in Miami, ”said the star.

The Mexican revealed that they will make a film together in the United States that will be international, and that at that time she is going to take advantage of her stay with the Argentine: “It is an international film and I am going to try it on Julián Gil, he has some butt… Have you seen them? ”, he added.

Lyn May lost baby: You will open your Only Fans account

Lyn May lost baby: Will open her Only Fans account
Photo Instagram El Gordo y la Flaca

Liliana Mendiola Mayanes was more than ready to open her Only Fans account, where she is willing to show her body as God brought her into the world: “I’m going to put it on because they are making money and I don’t,” she said about opening her new account where celebrities appear nude.

The reporter asked him if he would upload photos showing his body to which he replied: “Yes, of course, but not pornography, nudity and little things like that, showing the monkey, but little. And the buttocks if I am going to show them ”, affirms the star, preparing her fans for what is coming in her life. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE .

Lyn May lost baby: “Doña needs help”

Lyn May lost baby: "Doña needs help"
Photo Instagram Lyn May

Immediately Internet users began to react about the alleged loss of the baby and many began to criticize her for her words: “Why do you give so much attention to this woman all chased?”, “God, but what face does that woman have, that surgeon is his worst enemy ”, said some users.

“Doña needs help”, “This woman is as unbalanced”, “Madam, everything you talk about is nonsense. But more meaningless are the programs that publish news without any logic “,” Terrible to grow old like this “,” Poor thing suffering from ailments of menopause “, were some of the comments.

Lyn May lost baby: Lyn May shows her flexibility

shows its flexibility

Previously through your account Instagram flamboyant artist Lyn May shared a picture where she once again showed her flexibility at 68 years old. In the image you can see the Mexican lying on the ground lifting her leg as high as possible, showing that she is capable of anything.

But that was not all, since recently the couple of the singer Markos D1 shared that she was not going to have her baby out of wedlock so she will marry her current fiancé who is 30 years younger than her and that apparently they will be married soon. .

Loved and criticized

Loved and criticized

The Mexican constantly gives something to talk about with her social media posts, which is why her followers criticize her in each post. But there are also hundreds of users who admire and love her, so they defend her from haters who attack her for her controversial images.

Throughout her career, the star has been loved and hated, causing a division of opinions on the part of her followers. There are those who cannot stand that at her age she performs these types of actions and consider that she is only trying to attract attention, but there are also Internet users who admire her for having flexibility and that good spirit despite her age.

“Your baby is going to come out”

"The baby is going to come out"

After announcing that she was pregnant, users have been watching what Lyn May does to remind her that she is carrying a baby. For this reason there were some criticisms in this mentioned post reminding her that she will be a mother very soon and it is not correct for her to do this type of action.

“I wish I had that flexibility”

"I wish I had that flexibility"

Despite the bad comments, her publication also received some compliments and compliments from her fans: “Hello, you are a woman’s beauty, it is my desire to meet you in person, and to be able to tell you how much I admire you, I offer you my respects and admiration. ”Said a netizen.

“I wish I had that flexibility … Every day I admire you more”, “She was and is a great star of Mexico and they are one of the last remaining”, “Bella my Lyn May I already want that body “,” How beautiful you are “,” You still have yours Lyn “,” Divina I admire you a kiss “,” Like good wines “,” I think I’m in love “, they commented. Filed Under: Lyn May Lost Baby

She is engaged?

She is engaged?
Photo: Instagram

A few weeks ago, the Mexican starlet made a shocking revelation on her social networks that left her followers more than surprised. It is not the first time that she has given a statement that leaves people wondering if it is true or not, such as the announcement of her pregnancy, which remains a true mystery on social networks.

Perhaps that is the reason why she got engaged, since on several occasions she has declared that she is more than three months pregnant and that for her it is normal because there have been pregnancies in her family at older ages. The Mexican actress, on several occasions, has continued with the firm belief of her pregnancy and now of her marriage. Filed Under: Lyn May Lost Baby

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