Inicio » English » Lupillo Rivera confesses that he’s already married, while his ex-wife blows her top because of that (VIDEOS)

Lupillo Rivera confesses that he’s already married, while his ex-wife blows her top because of that (VIDEOS)

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  • Lupillo Rivera reveals that he already went ahead and married his girlfriend, Giselle Soto.
  • Mayeli Alonso, his ex-wife, responds to the new marriage.
  • He also talks about what will happen to his tattoo.

After Christian Nodal’s engagement with Belinda, the singer Lupillo Rivera reveals that he already went ahead and married his girlfriend, Giselle Soto, while his ex-wife, Mayeli Alonso, blows her top when talking about it and says that when she feels sick… she goes to the bathroom”, referring to forgetting Jenni Rivera’s brother.

These strong statements on both sides were leaked through videos that were published on the Instagram account of Chicapicosa 2, causing commotion due to the jealousy and resentment that seems to exist among all the protagonists.


Lupillo Rivera
Instagram photo

The revelation of Lupillo Rivera comes precisely because of the recently announced engagement between Belinda and Christian Nodal, after she had a brief relationship with the group when they were on the La Voz México program.

He even got the singer’s face tattooed and had to erase it now that he is in a relationship with his now wife, which caused more criticism and caused the exchange of dimes and nodal between Rivera and Nodal, for their fight of egos.


Lupillo Rivera
Instagram photo

“The girl is not my girlfriend, she is not my girlfriend, we’ve been married for a long time and you didn’t even realize that it’s beautiful … There is the exclusive … sometimes we do things and the truth is, I also studied journalism for a while and I already know all the laws, here you have to work a little more to realize what is happening ”.

These revelations were given in the middle of an open-air press conference, amid nervous laughter from the reporters and himself, he took the opportunity to confess what will happen to the tattoo that he made of the singer’s face. Filed Under: Lupillo Rivera


Lupillo Rivera
Instagram photo

“Look at the tattoo, I think it was time, my wife’s father passed away and I think it was important to do it at that moment, she is still struggling a lot because of the death of the father that was a short time ago, one always tries the way to make women smile, “said the singer.

However, there came an uncomfortable moment when a reporter asked him about the product he presented, but to refer to Christian Nodal about his relationship with Belinda, since they are about to get married. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Lupillo Rivera


Christian nodal
Photo Mezcalent

The reporter asked if he recommended the product to people who eat “reheated” and the presto replied: “The truth is, the product is for everyone, I know that the curiosity that most of you have is everything that has happened with Christian Nodal and with Belinda ”.

“As a man that I am, to me the video as they see it, it was something natural, all the things they have seen lately is because Giselle suddenly arrives with two phones and asks me things, because she wants to see my natural reaction,” he said. . Filed Under: Lupillo Rivera


Photo Mezcalent

It was then that she openly said: “She (Giselle) does not want it to be something acted or accommodated, on that occasion I responded in the most natural, real way, the offense directed directly at him because we cannot forget that the one who began to take the issue was him ”.

“That is why the post says, whoever takes hold, hold on, if it seemed and many people would think that the offense would be towards Belinda, it was absolutely never my intention to offend Belinda and if people would think like that, I as a man ask an apology”. Filed Under: Lupillo Rivera

Lupillo Rivera: “I WISH YOU THE BEST”

Giselle soto
Instagram photo

After those answers, the singer Lupillo Rivera was sincere and confessed that he could answer in a different way, “I am a normal man and at that moment I did not think the situation would happen like this, and the truth is, as well as the fucking men that I am. I apologize to Belinda if she or her fans thought the offense was going directly to her. ”

“I never want to offend any woman in the world and with a woman we lived together for a while, that was in the past, it was fun. Right now the truth is I wish the best in the world for both her and Christian Nodal in their future, that they do super well, I’m calm, happily married ”concluded the singer.


Lupillo Rivera
Instagram photo

When asked why he made some scratches on Belinda’s tattoo, there are other alternatives such as lasers, the artist replied: “It is not finished yet, that day we took it off we started at 3 in the morning, we finished at 6 in the morning, my flight was at nine in the morning ”.

And he added: “So all the tattooists who criticized us, those goats… know that whatever the client asks for, the tattoo when he’s finished is going to be spectacular, the memes really amused me, I’m happy to have so many people working at my favor ”. Filed Under: Lupillo Rivera


Mayeli alonso
Instagram photo

After the revelation of Lupillo Rivera’s marriage, there was a person who could not remain silent and that was his ex-wife, Mayeli Alonso, who through a video said: “Don’t talk to me about comments that have absolutely nothing to do with it. see with me not much less “.

And he added: “When I shit … I go down to the bathroom, then the people who are no longer in my life do not interest me, so please, do not put things on me because I am not going to answer you, relax, locate yourselves and you do the same” . To see the video click here. Filed Under: Lupillo Rivera

Lupillo Rivera: ARDIDA?

Instagram photo

And Mayeli Alonso sent advice to Internet users: “When they have someone who hurts them, a couple who beat them, who abused them, do not hang around wanting to talk and answer things about those people, when there are things that already chole, people that is out of fashion … ”

“They will continue to be the same shit … of people, it is no longer worth making a minimum comment about anyone, girls and I tell you to take this as advice, the day you shit … take him down to the bathroom so that you don’t keep stinking the room, “said Mayeli Alonso.

Lupillo Rivera: WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

Christian nodal
Photo Mezcalent

This is how this episode ended after the revelation of Lupillo Rivera who married his girlfriend Giselle Soto and about the controversial statements of Christian Nodal, towards him and him in response that affected the singer Belinda.

Now to wait for what response will Nodal or the singer, who has remained on the sidelines since her fiancé and her ex-partner, get into a field of bickering, after the commitment of the young singers.

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