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Dominican actress and writer Lucía Taveras dies of COVID (PHOTOS)

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  • Lucía Taveras, Dominican actress and writer has died of COVID.
  • Fans mourn her loss and send messages about vaccine awareness.
  • Anti-vaxxers and the serious consequences they have suffered.

Lucia Taveras has died of Covid. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has returned to our lives with this new wave of infections which have caused a large number of deaths around the world. Despite the fact that much of the population is vaccinated, this doesn’t mean that infections can’t continue to spread.

On this occasion, the Dominican Republic is grieving the death of actress and writer Lucía Taveras, who unfortunately lost her battle against the Covid-19 virus. On Monday, her brother Apolinar Taveras, who is a reporter, released the sad news about the loss of his sister.

Lucía Taveras dies of Covid: How people say goodbye to her

Lucia Taveras dies of Covid
PHOTO: Twitter

Lucía Taveras was a full-fledged artist, she wrote plays, acted, composed songs and made films. The most recent work that the artist had finished premiered on December 18 and was entitled ‘Dilia’. She recently filmed the movie ‘Tierra de Monteros’.

In the next few hours, the actress’ remains will be transported to her native San Francisco de Macorís, where she will be cremated. The writer was the mother of two: Luis and Harold Cruz Taveras, whose current status is unknown.

Her siblings say goodbye to her

Lucia Taveras dies of Covid
PHOTO: Twitter

The actress was hospitalized in New York while she was fighting for her life. According to various reports, the disease became more complicated as the days went by. Currently, no statements have been made in this regard, other than her brother’s notice a few hours ago.

What little is known so far is that her siblings Nereyda, Angela, Josefina, Juan Eduviges, Juan Alberto, Apolinar, Guillermina and Leonel will be present at her last farewell, according to ‘‘. Lucía was a creative person, which led her to position herself as a great artist exploring different facets of the arts.

How the artist’s fans say goodbye

Lucia Taveras dies of Covid
PHOTO: Twitter

Many followers on Twitter began to talk about the importance of getting vaccinated since, now that the disease has returned stronger than ever, it is important to raise awareness. In a Tweet posted by the «Remolacha» portal, which revealed Lucía’s death, followers commented the following:

«Another victim of the virus for not believing in vaccines, ignorance is not easy.» «And those who do die… And are vaccinated with up to 4 doses, why don’t they talk about them?»

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