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Jacqie Rivera shares a never-before-seen photo with Jenni Rivera

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Jacqie Rivera posts photo, Woman, Media, MundoNow, News
Jacqie Rivera posts photo (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Jacqie Rivera posts photo of Jenni.
  • Controversy on social media.
  • Trial against Don Pedro Rivera.

We well know that currently social media are another means of communication and are usually used by all people.

Even celebrities come to them to share what happens in their daily lives, as happened with Jacqie Rivera.

The daughter of the deceased Jenni Rivera decided to share a photograph in which she appears with her deceased mother, but everything went wrong.

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Jacqie Rivera, a well-known television and music personality, used her official account on the Instagram social media.

It was there where she shared a couple of photographs in which she poses with the beloved Jenni Rivera and her siblings Chiquis, Jenicka, Michael and Jhonny.

The image shows the family when Jenicka and Johnny were children, while the rest appear in their youth.

Everyone appears with a big smile on their face, and that is how Jacqie decided to remember the moments they lived as a united family.

Jacqie Rivera posts photo of Jenni

Rivera Family, Controversy, Social Networks, Celebrities, Jacqie Rivera photo Jenni
Photo: Mezcalent

Within the description of the publication on Instagram, Jacqie Rivera placed a short text accompanied by a biblical quote.

«Today was a good day Isaiah 61:7-9 #firmesysintemor,» can be read in the short writing posted by the daughter of the ‘Basta ya’ interpreter.

Many speculations suggest that Jacqie’s post is due to the confrontation that both she and her brothers had in court.

This after filing a lawsuit against her own grandfather Don Pedro Rivera and Cintas Acuario for alleged commercial exploitation of Jenni’s image and music.

A controversial trial and speculation

Celebrities, Scandal, Trial, Lawsuits, Shock
Photo: Archive/Getty Images

It was last February 9 when the children of the deceased Mexican regional singer went to court to address the controversial issue.

The hearing took place at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, where Jacqie, Jenicka and Johnny were present.

That is why the speculation in the post by Jenni Rivera’s daughter was related to the controversial case involving the dynasty.

In fact, many Internet users did not take long to react to Jacqie’s publication, where there was no shortage of strong criticism.

Mixed reactions on social media

Reactions, Comments, Reviews, Entertainment, Rumors
Photo: Archive/Getty Images

There were also those who showed full support for the children of ‘La Diva’ from the band after deciding to lift the lawsuit.

«It’s hypocrisy to fight with your grandfather for money,» «I don’t think there are winners,» «I don’t think she’s happy to see all this,» it reads.

«I’m already angry with this family!!», «I could never do that to my grandparents», «I hope everything comes to light», others shared.

«Forever», «We are with you», «Your mother from heaven must be very proud», they said.

Implications within the dynasty

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Jacqie Rivera shares a photo with Jenni-Photo: Mezcalent

So far, neither Jacqie nor her brothers have given statements about what happened in the trial against Don Pedro Rivera.

But the controversy within social media has remained active from the moment the news was announced.

In this context, Jacqie’s post serves as a reminder of the importance of faith and family unity in moments of adversity.

The outcome of the legal process and the implications for the Rivera dynasty are yet to be determined. HERE Can you see the picture.

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