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Is Adamari López leaving ‘Hoy Día’? The host has announced a new morning show

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  • The host Adamari López will celebrate her 50 years with a surprise for her followers
  • She will be a ‘Fairy Godmother’ for several Latin mothers
  • 2021 has been a great year for Adamari López

Adamari López’s new project. The one who continues to achieve success in her career and in her personal life is the host of Hoy Día, Adamari López, who in order to celebrate her 50 years is preparing something very special for the Latino community, but what will happen to the morning show? Will it be left out?

Don’t worry, nobody should be scared, the new project of the also actress will still be part of Telemundo, included in the show ‘Hoy Día’. According to the People in Spanish magazine, Adamari López will premiere a very special series.

Adamari López new project: 2021 your year

Adamari López leaves Hoy Día? The host announces a new project in the morning
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In the edition the work of the Puerto Rican was recognized, who this year resumed acting and left a good taste in the mouth of the public. Adamari López was the protagonist of ‘La luck de Ada’, a miniseries set in the universe of the Telemundo telenovela La luck de Loli, which was very successful and accepted by the public.

And now that she is about to turn 50 years old, the host wants to do something very special for her followers, to thank them for supporting her career and to give them back some of the great love they feel for her, so she will launch the series “Ada Godmother”.

Adamari López new project: ‘Ada Madrina’

Adamari López leaves Hoy Día? The host announces a new project in the morning
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As the magazine revealed, with this series the host Adamari López will celebrate her 50th anniversary with all those who have supported her throughout her successful career as an actress and host. Coinciding with such a special anniversary for the also actress, Adamari will become the godmother of 50 exemplary mothers of the Hispanic community who will celebrate and highlight their work for the community.

As reported by People in Spanish, the series will be a new segment within the Hoy Día program, with which it seeks to continue captivating the audience and be a competitive option against its great rival, Despierta América of the Univision network.

The dynamics of the new segment

Adamari López leaves Hoy Día? The host announces a new project in the morning
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Those interested in participating in the “Ada Madrina” segment within the Hoy Día program, can write to the program to nominate mothers that they believe deserve recognition. The publication also announced that there will be other surprises within the morning.

It will be next Wednesday, May 5, when within the morning program the revelation of the sex of the baby expected by the host Stephanie Himonidis will be made, so it will be known if the so-called Chiquibaby will be the mother of a beautiful girl or a beautiful boy.

She puts her husband to work

Adamari López leaves Hoy Día? The host announces a new project in the morning
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It has always been said that Adamari López is responsible for maintaining her house, since her partner Toni Costa is classified as ‘maintained’, according to the followers of the Puerto Rican who do not hesitate to criticize that the Spanish dancer is never seen working.

But apparently that was left behind, because in a YouTube video on the Puerto Rican channel you can see how the host ‘pleases’ the fans who have always asked her to put’ Toni Costa to work and ‘retaliate’ the money that Adamari López supposedly provides for his house, for which he made him her gardener.

Adamari López new project: Did you get tired and put Toni to work?

Adamari López leaves Hoy Día? The host announces a new project in the morning
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“When I’m at home, I don’t know why I can’t sit still and I always want to do something myself or ask Toni to do it and today it occurred to me that there are many coconuts in the palm, that we have to lower them, so I sent it to do this activity… I’m sure he loves it ”, began Adamari López.

In the large garden of her house in front of the pool, where there are many palms and trees, the host of Hoy Día came very ‘loving’ to tell Toni Costa to be her ‘gardener’: I would like to see if you could bring me down some of these coconuts, to get some water and also that they don’t fall on Alaïa ”, he said.

Did Toni Costa not agree to make her a ‘gardener’?

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While Adamari López spoke to her partner, Toni Costa played with a kind of branch cutter ready to make her a ‘gardener’ and fulfill the wishes of the driver, who warned: “My love, be careful with that, do not go to give a blow because on top of that I can give you another one.”

But Toni Costa’s attitude was sarcastic at first at the orders of Adamari López: “Ah, I thought you were going to support here as a good wife, for me it is important, many husbands feel identified with me and say ‘I really always the woman is present as if she supports him and it is a roll, right? ‘”, said the Spaniard.

He gave the orders to his partner

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In the words of his partner Toni Costa, Adamari López knew how to twist his argument: “What you are giving me is a tremendous lip for me to stay here but I with great affection I am going to leave you here so that only in your tranquility those fall coconuts and don’t hit anyone and besides, I’m going to wash up… ”, said the one from Puerto Rico.

Adamari López knew how to ‘flee’ the scene so as not to help Toni Costa in his work as a ‘gardener’ and the Spaniard began to narrate for the camera what he was doing: “The coconut has branches to which they are hooked, but What’s up? that this is here and it makes it very difficult, I haven’t been under a coconut for a long time, so let’s see… ”.

Toni Costa was in trouble

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Already acting as a ‘gardener’, cutting palm branches to lower the coconuts, Adamari López’s couple struggled to achieve their goal: “Everything was complicated, it is important to wear glasses because things can fall into your eyes, it is getting complicated because I don’t know if I’m cutting the whole palm or the coconut palm, ”said Toni Costa.

Already more desperate for not being able to do things well, Toni Costa tried to cheat to give Adamari López coconut water, because he said: “I know what I’m going to do, I have some cut coconuts lying around, I take the water out of him and I give it, nor is he going to realize it… he is not cutting the leaf, I cannot do more… please let a coconut fall ”, begged the dancer.

Toni Costa managed to be successful in his work

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After several attempts, Adamari’s partner managed to make two coconuts fall from the palm and was very careful to pick them up: “I know that many people are commenting that it is super dangerous and that this kills people and it is true, you never have to remove the seen up there and more now that two have fallen, that is weak, right now I am going to remove all the others, “he said.

After successfully achieving his work as a ‘gardener’, Toni Costa proceeded to cut the coconut and remove the water to ‘satisfy’ Adamari López, proving that this work was worth it and he even began to promote the knife he used to open the coconut and achieve his goal, without waiting for what the Puerto Rican would say about him.

Adamari López denies her partner Toni Costa

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Did you do it reluctantly? Adamari López ended up shocked by the slowness of Toni Costa in making her a ‘gardener’ and her impression after finishing her work inside the house was such that she did not hesitate to highlight what the Spanish dancer does every time he orders him to do something :

“A single coconut what have you dropped? Oh, my dear, my love, but I thought you were more skilled with coconuts… my mother, you can’t ask him for anything because he immediately complains… a coconut takes three hours… ”, concluded the Puerto Rican. People did not want to be left with an opinion and commented: “Adamari, let him rest now” You are going to tire him out !! “. Filed Under: Adamari López new project, Hoy Día Some images of this note come from the following video

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