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How to survive a crash landing: 5 tips from the experts

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Have you ever wondered how to survive a crash landing? Flying is one of the safest means of transport in the world and, although the mortality rate and the probability of suffering a plane crash is getting lower, it is always necessary to take precautions to increase your chances of survival.

Therefore, we present some actions you can take to try to prevent a plane crash or a forced landing from putting your life at risk. If you travel often, this information will be extremely useful. Get ready to fly more safely than ever!

5. Exercise regularly

An airplane on the runway

In the event of a crash landing, one of the best tools you will have to survive is being in good physical condition as you will need to jump down the emergency slide and run as fast as possible to get away from the aircraft.

Exercising regularly, as part of your lifestyle, could go a long way to increase your chances of surviving a crash landing, as you’ll have the mental clarity and physical stamina to move quickly should the need arise.

4. Fly in a larger plane

A plane in the sky

Commercial aviation is presented as one of your best options to travel from one city to another safely. It is true that risks will always exist, but, at least in 2021, there was a 1 in 9,821 chance of experiencing a plane crash.

On the contrary, there is a belief that flying in smaller aircraft could mean a lower survival rate, especially if the company does not have strict safety protocols in place like a commercial airline does.

3. Pay attention to security warnings


Surviving a forced landing means always being alert to the instructions of the flight attendants, who have the necessary training to detect danger and implement actions to get passengers to evacuate the plane in record time.

Reading the instructions that are in the seats, listening carefully to the instructions of the pilots and flight attendants will be your best tool for making it through a possible forced landing unscathed. Considering that, in 2021, there was an official total of 176 fatalities in aviation accidents, your chances of dying are minimal.

2. Be vigilant when the plane takes off and lands

a plane flying

One fact that you should always keep in mind is that most aviation accidents occur during the takeoff phase or during landing. If you are one of the people who prefer to sleep during the flight, it is best to wait until the plane has reached cruising altitude.

The first three minutes of flight and the eight minutes before landing are considered the most dangerous. During this time, be sure to stay alert, keep your seatbelt tight, and review the information provided by the flight attendants.

1. Forget your luggage


In the event of a forced landing, forget about your luggage. Remember that your survival is the primary objective and any distraction could cost you valuable seconds that you could use to find the best escape route.

Although sometimes it is difficult to get rid of material objects and measure the danger, staying alert could prevent you from falling into a state of shock and, thus, you will be able to make faster and more effective decisions to get out of danger in record time.

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