Inicio » English » He ‘tied’ her up! Juan Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s brother tells how he managed to get his wife Brenda to stay with him

He ‘tied’ her up! Juan Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s brother tells how he managed to get his wife Brenda to stay with him

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  • Brenda, the young woman who stole the heart of Jenni Rivera’s younger brother
  • Juan Rivera thanked his wife for helping him change in good shape
  • After 22 years of dating, Brenda and Juan Rivera are getting married

“She is the woman who changed me”: One of the brothers of the late singer Jenni Rivera, Juan Rivera tells how he lived his relationship with his current wife Brenda, with whom he had been dating for more than 22 years and already 5 years of marriage.

The life of Jenni Rivera’s brother, Juan Rivera, was full of ups and downs, full of fights and drug problems, such was the case when he was imprisoned for drug possession when he was still less old.

During this period, Juan Rivera went through extremely difficult moments, to such a degree that he thought about taking his own life, fortunately and during this terrible moment of his life. lifetime, a person arrived who would completely change the paradigm of Jenni Rivera’s younger brother, his wife Brenda.

Brenda wife Juan Rivera

PHOTO: Instagram. Juan Rivera.

Although not much is known about Brenda Rivera, in an interview carried out in 2017, Juan Rivera tells how he carried out his courtship of more than 22 years, even commenting that his already wife remained during the months in which he was in the jail:

“Brenda and I had 6 months of dating, I remember that she was changing something in me, she was 17 years old, but it was 17 very vivid years, and for some reason and another, I knew that with that woman I was going to stay ”.

Subsequently, the brother Jenni Rivera’s minor confesses that she got Brenda pregnant days before she was incarcerated:

Brenda rivera

VIDEO: YouTube. Juan Rivera

“I’m going to get her pregnant, if she wakes up afterwards, no way, she already brings the boy inside, so on February 14, 1995 and Jenni rented us a room, on the 24th they lock me up, on March 13 is when she tells me that she is pregnant and 6 months after I got out of jail was when I brought her home ”.

Juan Rivera many times thought during his stay in prison what was going to happen with Brenda, his already wife, wondering even the “Who wanted to be with a man like him.”

Jenni Rivera’s brother, Juan, also commented that when he met his wife, Branda Rivera, he even moved away from music, because he knew that while there the temptations to fall back into the addictions It was too big.

And it is that despite the fact that their relationship was very complicated in the first years, Juan Rivera confesses that his change was so great thanks to all his experiences and to Brenda, to such a degree that love was so strong that in 2017 for they finally got married.

VIDEO: YouTube. Juan Rivera

This marriage was celebrated by all the Rivera, since all the children of the Diva of the band.

The news of his weddingIt was given by the Rivera’s older brother, Pedro Rivera, who due to his profession as a pastor, he was even the one who married the happy couple, where he even dedicated some kind words to his brother Juan and his wife.

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In a publication shared on his official Instagram account, Juan Rivera’s brother, Pedro Rivera Jr, confessed how happy he was for the wedding of his brother and his already wife Brenda.

“After 22 years of waiting for my sister-in-law Brenda and after so many problems and difficult situations in their marriage they decided to get married and I have the privilege to be able to be the minister of the wedding ”.

Later, Pedro Rivera also applauded his brother’s new attitude, improved and free from addictions.

VIDEO: YouTube. Juan Rivera

It should be remembered and according to the portal Debate, on various occasions as a violent man, after having seen himself abusing a dog, or when he hit one of his sister’s followers during a Jenni Rivera concert.

However, everything seems to indicate that Juan was left behind, and now even his physical appearance has completely changed after the arrival of his wife, Brenda Rivera.

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