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Easy and creative Halloween decorations for your home

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  • We present you easy Halloween decorations for your home.
  • You can even use materials that you already have in your own home.
  • Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the entire country.

Halloween is one of the parties that we like to celebrate the most, especially with home decorations, and although it is different from the Day of the Dead of Mexican culture, the two celebrations have the power to bring out the interior designer that lives in us.

Halloween decorations do not only consist of costumes, makeup or nail art, because if you want you can give your home a very cool vibe using everything these parties offer in terms of home decor. We know that you want to capture your style in all spaces, so we have the best ideas for your home to become the envy of Morticia and Homer Addams.

Start with the dining room

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Almost all of us have a tablecloth at home that gives life to our table, but if you want to bring this party to the table, what you can do is get white cloth and colored peyón. You can buy all this material at any haberdashery.

The only thing you will need is a lot of creativity because you can put from a cute pumpkin to a bloody but friendly vampire. Try to include your little ones (if you have children or nephews) in this activity so they can have some quality time.

Old shoes like flower pots

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Many times we want to integrate our friends with plants in the Halloween decoration, but we cannot find the way and we are not going to repeat formulas such as lining a pot or putting a series on the bottom. We are almost certain that you never thought of wearing shoes to simulate a small cut foot. So what you need is an old one, a green sponge, and your pot. Give it a touch of the afterlife with cotton to simulate a cobweb.

This original accessory can decorate your patio, the stairs or the entrance of your house. Another idea that you can replicate is to create full legs and leave them as flowerpots, for this you need jeans that you no longer use, instead of having clothes stored in the closet, this can be a great element to decorate your garden at this time.

XXL dolls

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We know that the bigger the ornament, the cooler it will look. If you have a large garden or patio where you can place something very huge, this is for you. Some department stores offer very nice inflatables, but they consume a lot of light and can burst at any time. For this reason, what you need to give life to this idea is a wooden structure, old clothes and a lot of creativity.

Here you can design the monster you like, and do not worry about if something is deformed or looks crooked, even those details give a unique personality to your homemade decoration.

Spiders all over the house

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Something very typical of Halloween decoration are spiders, wherever you want you can see them, and although their sizes and designs vary, they are a classic of this season. If you want to make a spider for your home, you can get fabric, Styrofoam or a piece of sponge, which you will have to paint black. The texture of the hair can be given when you line it with purple teddy and you can dye it with spray paint.

For the cobweb you do not need to break in two, because with cotton or pillow filling you can achieve it. One tip that we give you is that if you want it to stay in one position, use your own hair spray to fix its texture. The eyes are optional.

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