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Food stamps for undocumented immigrants? See who qualifies for CalFresh

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  • Undocumented people could receive food assistance.
  • The CalFresh program they could provide long-awaited help.
  • Who will be eligible?

GOOD NEWS FOR MIGRANTS! Recently, it was announced that California is considering a benefit that will allow undocumented immigrants to obtain support through the CalFresh program. Currently, this proposal remains a possibility because it was included in California’s budget and could potentially pass.

It is expected that if the CalFresh food security program is approved, migrants of a certain age would be able to obtain food assistance because they are considered unable to earn higher wages because of their age. For the moment, some officials continue struggling to make this possibility a reality.


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The possibility of undocumented immigrants receiving government support could become a reality. The state of California announced that the CalFresh food security program could include in its 2022-2023 budget the possibility of helping immigrants.

The proposal was presented a couple of months ago and even Governor Newsom indicated that he was taking this sector of the community into account, but due to an amendment to the proposed law SB 464 it may not become a reality because it is still being halted by the Budget Committee of the California Assembly, according to La Opinion.

Who would be eligible for CalFresh?

Undocumented CalFresh Checks: Who Might It Be For?
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So far, what is known is that the aid is aimed at people 55 years of age or older who are undocumented and have been in California for a while. According to available information, elderly migrants were included in the program and it could be approved at any time.

“Undocumented immigrants 55 years of age and older were included in the CalFresh program in the 2022-23 California budget, and the details of the benefit are expected to be formally announced this week,” official sources said, according to Univisión. As of now, they have not presented a formal proposal. Filed Under: Undocumented calfresh checks

What is CalFresh?

Undocumented CalFresh Checks: What is CalFresh?
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On the official website of the Department of Social Services, they pointed out that the CalFresh program is a support program for low-income people who meet federal rules. It was announced that this budget is made to put healthy and nutritious food on every person’s table.

«CalFresh is for low-income people who meet federal income eligibility rules and want to add to their budget to put healthy and nutritious food on the table,» stated the official website of the Department of Social Services. The program is intended for millions of Californians who apply and demonstrate low income. Filed Under: Undocumented calfresh checks

Improving Californians’ health

Do you think about the health of the inhabitants?
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In a last update, they pointed out that this Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program is granted via electronic cards where around $250 dollars is deposited each month in order to cover food expenses for Californian families. The CalFresh program indicated that they hope to improve health and wellness in California’s households.

“The CalFresh Program, known at the federal level as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), issues monthly electronic benefits that can be used to purchase most foods at many grocery stores and markets. The CalFresh Program helps improve the health and well-being of qualified households and individuals by providing them with a means to meet their nutritional needs,” indicated the Department of Social Services.

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