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Eddie Sotelo’s Fortune: How Much Does El Piolín Make?

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  • How much is Eddie Sotelo’s fortune?
  • How much the famous Tweety earns is finally revealed
  • What nobody expected: He has more money than Jorge Ramos

Fortuna Eddie Sotelo The Tweety Bird. Eddie Sotelo, better known as El Piolín, arrived like many in the United States: Crossing the desert on foot as an undocumented person. But the Mexican was determined to change the course of his history and is now one of the most influential Latinos in the United States, amassing a great fortune that has even surpassed that of Jorge Ramos himself.

Just one day after MundoHispánico made known that the fortune of Jorge Ramos amounts to 14 million dollars, with data based on the specialized site Celebrity Net Worth, now it is revealed how much Eddie Sotelo earns as the host of the popular show El Show de Piolín.

Tweety has more money than Jorge Ramos

Fortune Eddie Sotelo Tweety how much Tweety earns
PHOTO Instagram @elshowdepiolin

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Eddie Sotelo is in one of the best moments of his career as a radio personality, earning a salary of $ 5 million a year, which has allowed him to own high-value mansions.

Proof of this, according to the same site, is that in 2006 he bought a 9,000-square-foot residence in the exclusive neighborhood of Calabasas, California, for which he paid the not inconsiderable sum of $ 5.9 million and which he later rented to rapper Tyga.

Forgot to pay the rent?

Fortune Eddie Sotelo Tweety how much Tweety earns
PHOTO Instagram @elshowdepiolin

Rapper Tyga was charged a rent of $ 12,000 a month, which for months he ‘forgot’ to pay until he got to the point of owing Tweety $ 124,000, so the Mexican sued him, but both parties reached an agreement out of court.

Tweety later sold that mansion in 2014 to hip-hop mogul Anthony Tiffith, who paid him another not inconsiderable sum: $ 6.7 million. But in 2018 El Piolín bought back a mansion in Calabasas, for which he now paid $ 4.62 million to NBA star Al Harrington.

How much is Eddie Sotelo’s fortune?

Fortune Eddie Sotelo Tweety how much Tweety earns
PHOTO Instagram @elshowdepiolin

Now that we know that Jorge Ramos has a fortune of 14 million dollars, who does not want to know how much money El Piolín has saved? Well, thanks to Celebrity Net Worth, we can now get to know that sought-after information first-hand.

It turns out that from being an undocumented person who came to the United States with nothing, now El Piolín is a millionaire: Eddie Sotelo has a fortune that amounts to 25 million dollars, the product of his great effort as an undocumented worker, starting from the bottom.

Tweety came to the US as undocumented

Fortune Eddie Sotelo Tweety how much Tweety earns
PHOTO Instagram @elshowdepiolin

Tweety told his success story in his book ¿A qué venimos? To triumph !, a book that “is made based on what I lived. Like many people who do not have documents and are struggling every day to work honestly, to learn the laws of the United States and English as well, but at the same time they have the obstacle of not having papers ”.

In an interview with the Efe news agency regarding his book, the announcer who was born in Ocotlán, Jalisco, Mexico said that “when I didn’t have documents, at least I wanted to have a work permit because that way I didn’t have to go hiding.”

Fortuna Eddie Sotelo: He had a childhood of deprivation in Mexico

Fortune Eddie Sotelo Tweety how much Tweety earns
PHOTO Instagram @elshowdepiolin

In the book Eddie Sotelo also gives details about his very poor childhood in Ocotlán, where he was the second child of three, so he inherited the used and worn clothes of his older brother, according to the newspaper. Chicago Tribune. He also recounts the sufferings that he and his family went through due to the abuse of alcohol by his older brother Jorge and even his father himself.

The Mexican announcer said that when he went through the painful situation of seeing his older brother damage his future due to alcohol abuse, he now values ​​exercise and family life more, while he confessed that his faith has served him to face moments very difficult and also to thank for those achievements and successes.

Tweety earns more money than Jorge Ramos

Fortune Eddie Sotelo Tweety how much Tweety earns
PHOTO Instagram @elshowdepiolin

But those shortcomings were what led Eddie Sotelo not to give up even in the United States, where he arrived without papers and today he is more successful than ever, even surpassing Univision journalist Jorge Ramos in money and perhaps even in popularity.

Currently, the host of Noticiero Univisión, the program Al Punto and the program in English America with Jorge Ramos for Fusion TV, earns a not inconsiderable sum of 3 million dollars a year on the Hispanic television network Univisión.

Jorge Ramos’s fortune compared to Tweety’s

PHOTO Instagram @jorgeramosnews

Thanks to this large salary with Univisión, the journalist Jorge Ramos has managed to gather a fortune that many would like in the United States, where he arrived in 1983 to fulfill the famous “American dream.” And everything seems to indicate that he succeeded.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Mexican journalist has a fortune that amounts to 14 million dollars, which he has achieved after becoming a citizen of the United States in 2008, as well as after having studied a master’s degree in this country.

Tweety lost his dad

Just at the end of last year, Eddie Sotelo, better known as El Piolín, dressed in mourning when the death of his father, Don Antonio Sotelo Rodríguez, was confirmed, who had been detected cancerous tumors for several months.

It was through his Instagram account that Tweety shared an image with a meaningful message: “Celebration of the life of a great son of God, husband, father and grandfather. Antonio Sotelo Rodríguez. 1942-2020. Matthew 25:21 Well done my faithful and good servant ”.

Fortuna Eddie Sotelo: Celebrities Offer Condolences

In this same publication, Piolín thanked his followers for their prayers, in addition to inviting them to join him in the celebration of his father’s life via Facebook live. Some of the celebrities who reacted to this news were the singers Larry Hernandez and Lorenzo Méndez, as well as the actor Jaime Camil, the host Ana María Canseco and Mrs. Rosa Rivera, mother of the late singer Jenni Rivera.

For her part, Mrs. Rosa Rivera told Piolín, who is mourning the death of his father: “Strength, consolation, peace” and the comedian Jesús Trejo commented in this publication: “My sincere condolences, may he rest in peace your dad. Compa strength ”.

Fortuna Eddie Sotelo: Tweety interviews his dad

In a video that is available on the channel Youtube of El Show de Piolín, dated March 11, 2019, the host Eddie Sotelo had a talk with his father, who thanked users for their prayers after it became known that he suffered from problems with Health.

In good spirits, Antonio Sotelo Rodríguez, Piolín’s father, commented on that occasion that he felt very well and that he had nothing. “So the doctors turn around and look at me like, ‘Hey, your dad, do you know what he’s got?’ Well, do you know who my dad trusts? That it is in God, the almighty, the healer, in that my father trusts, and thank God, my father, when we arrived here in the United States, he was the one who taught us the word of God after a friend met him in the street, sweeping, my father, in Santa Ana, California, Fermín, and that is why my father has great faith ”, expressed Piolín.

Don Antonio Sotelo never let his guard down

“And all listeners understand that God gave us a license to be born through our parents, and also what counts is God’s time, not ours,” said Don Antonio Sotelo, who confessed that when he received the news that he had cancerous tumors, he did not let his guard down, since one only goes to the cemetery.

“If the Lord wants us to still be on Earth, we must be happy, whether at home, in the car, in church, even more so in church.” TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE. But that would not be the only confession in this video by Tweety, since he revealed that his mother was in a coma a year ago, they even told him to disconnect her, but the driver did not accept because he says that he does not give his life or his remove.

Tweety’s mother was also in a coma

PHOTO Instagram @elshowdepiolin

“My Father God, although my mother is connected to artificial life, he can take her at any time he wants, so we want to share this with you because many people are going through an illness or a very difficult time in the family” Tweety shared, asking his dad to share a Bible verse that always gives him strength.

“Jeremiah 33: 3, at night, before going to bed, verse 8 of Psalm 4: ‘In peace I will lie down and sleep right there because Jehovah makes me live confident.’ It’s one thing to say: ‘I believe in God,’ and trust is more powerful, ”said Antonio Sotelo Rodríguez, Piolín’s father.

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