Inicio » English » David Chocarro talks about how he felt in the erotic scenes with Aracely Arámbula (VIDEO)

David Chocarro talks about how he felt in the erotic scenes with Aracely Arámbula (VIDEO)

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  • David Chocarro talks exclusively about the erotic scenes with Aracely Arámbula
  • This September 15, another season of the La Doña series will premiere
  • He also talks about the United States elections and his career

He actor argentinmo David Chocarro speaks exclusively for MundoHispánico about what he felt when doing erotic scenes with Aracely Arámbula in the series La Doña and unleashes the suspicions of what happens in those moments of a lot of action.

This September 15, one more season of this work will be released, which has entered the public’s taste very well.

Mundo Hispánico: La Doña returns in 15 episodes, on September 15, How do you feel about a character that marked you?

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David Chocarro: Well, I’m happy because somehow the people who have already seen it will want to see how this edition will turn out that I have no doubt that it will be spectacular, because the original material is very good, a lot of empathy was always achieved with the people, a lot of suspense, a lot of desire to see more, having compressed it is a success.

And for people who did not see it, who usually watch series, here they have the possibility of consuming a product that will definitely catch them, especially the theme that is so current, the topics are super current, the inequality of women, injustice and love triangles they never go out of style.

Mundo Hispánico: How did Saúl impact your career?

David Chocarro: All characters have a before and after, I am not the same as I was yesterday and I am telling you not as something very spiritual or very lying, I genuinely believe that it is so.

Saúl was quite close to me and we want to see him around because he is a very real character, very down to earth, very earthy, as far as my career is concerned he did mark a before and after because he gave me a lot of exposure.

What ended up happening to me with Saúl Aguirre and La Doña is that there was a tremendous exhibition, because I think it was a job well done and it gave me the opportunity to show other facets that I always wanted.

Mundo Hispánico: What was it you struggled the most to play Saúl? We see that you lost your Argentine accent and took a very Mexican accent, but how did you prepare for Saúl?

David Chocarro: The accent is something that for many years now that has been quite immersed in the Latin and Mexican market, the truth is that I handle it well. I try the same to be able to put something different from this accent, to be more chilango. With Saúl, something that I had considered beyond all the research, I did not want to put him in the place of the gallant because the original structure of this project that comes from twelve previous editions, the character is very handsome, seductive. In some way what I wanted to achieve, what was achieved is that this seduction does not come from his physical part but from his personality, that it does not come from his pose but from his actions, that it does not come from his ways but from his forms .

I feel that when the characters end up empathizing with the couples who have to fall in love and it is something more than the physical, the skin, is where something much more real is generated.
Mundo Hispánico: We saw a lot of chemistry between David Chocarro and Aracely Arámbula, this was reflected on the screen, but also on the outside, in the interviews we saw them that they made very good companionship, is this difficult for it to happen? What was it like working with Danna Paola, with Aracely? Two actresses very loved by the Hispanic public.

David Chocarro: They are two recognized personalities, they are super hard-working, they accept proposals, beyond the fact that they were the heads of the project, we had a spectacular cast, especially very committed. From that side, together with the directors, producers, a spectacular team was put together, we all shot to the same side, they constantly tried to nurture the scenes, I think all that was reflected.

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Mundo Hispánico: You mentioned in other interviews the comic experiences, in the bed scenes, how could you deal with it? (Aracely Arámbula) Didn’t you think your wife could get angry?

David Chocarro: First I knew that many people were envying me, what prevailed on the set when doing those scenes was humor and I would even tell you that it is very funny that this happens because it generates a very comfortable climate to work. People can imagine or fantasize that these are very moments … you have the technicians, cameramen, so many people behind you that if you don’t get that climate you don’t get that comfort either.
Luckily we had that chemistry with Ara, it doesn’t always happen, it happened from the beginning, I think it also happened because it didn’t start on that side, because we started to get along so well, to connect in a lot of points that it did. Everything so easy and that’s why we were able to connect that chemistry that went beyond the skin, that favored the story.

Mundo Hispánico: What do you think of the role of Aracely Arámbula, off-camera who has also had to battle as a single mom? The role of women in La Doña is enhanced

David Chocarro: I prefer not to express my opinion about Aracely. I believe that all women have all the capacities, the independence to be able to make their life, it seems to me that it is good that it is built on that side. When it is the result of a breakup, when perhaps one begins to have these differences in terms of the economic support that one may have and that is what it touches, I think that stories like Aracely’s will surely be found everywhere, I don’t think That one chooses them, in the end you have to put your chest and move forward, is what she does and many women.

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Mundo Hispánico: Do ​​you think Saúl got what should happen to him? Were you satisfied with your destination?

David Chocarro: Yes, I am happy, it is very difficult to leave everyone happy, I think that out of empathy or antipathy if you managed to get people to react, the objective is very well accomplished. Also somehow I like to feel that Saúl had a lot of personality and was very present in a story, where the mother and daughter prevailed, especially the character ended up having their own autonomy.

Mundo Hispánico: What would you expect from the new president, be it Joe Biden or Donald Trump?

David Chocarro: It is very divided, my daughters want me to vote for Trump, honestly I am quite conflicted because neither of you convince me, unlike other countries like Argentina one has more alternatives to vote, although they are all more or less for the same way, but at least you have more options. I hope that whoever is the president of the United States will work a little more on inclusion and not only with Latinos but in general. People who continue to post in such a xenophobic, so radical way, in favor of weapons, that seems crazy to me, I think the country has very positive things, that’s why we are here, but it has others that if they don’t fit, but depending on who wins I think it could get worse.

Mundo Hispánico: At age 18 you were recruited by a baseball team, what would have happened if you had dedicated yourself to sports and not to television? Do you think you made the right decision?

David Chocarro: I am fascinated by sport, I am passionate about it, I am very convinced that I made the right decision. With baseball a bit of that happened to me (saturated), beyond having reached places where I never thought I would go, I realized that it was not for me. There is a part of professionalism that people don’t know about. With the performance you go to the same thing, people can see us on social networks and say ‘how beautiful they spend traveling and recording in incredible places’. That also implies a sacrifice.

David Chocarro Aracely Arámbula

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