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The identity of Clarissa Molina’s boyfriend has been uncovered

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  • Uncovered! After announcing for months that she already had a boyfriend, now the identity of Clarissa Molina’s partner is uncovered.
  • Clarissa Molina seems to be dating a man who doesn’t have a very good reputation.
  • Gossip no Like released the news through some photos that ‘revealed the truth’.

Last year, Clarissa Molina announced that she had a boyfriend, but the name of the lucky man was never revealed; after she contracted coronavirus, she confessed that she was dating someone and that it would probably end in a formal relationship and it seems that that has happened.





However, the identity of Clarissa Molina’s boyfriend was never revealed, until now, as the show Gossip no like led by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Bersitain ‘revealed the truth’ of the El Gordo and La Flaca host, with some photographs that show evidence of the relationship.

Clarissa Molina was discovered

Clarissa Molina boyfriend

And it is that Clarissa Molina’s Instagram stories revealed more than she could think, and it was not necessary for her boyfriend to come out to the picture and show his face to show it, because he did not have the cunning of Gossip No Like who are in charge to give the scoop on the identity of the subject.

Unfortunately for the host of El Gordo y la Flaca, the boyfriend does not have a very good reputation and they made it known, because it turns out that he was involved in something quite shady like the disappearance of a person … Will Clarissa Molina be aware of what What did your supposed partner do?

Clarissa Molina’s supposed boyfriend would be involved in something shady

They discover the driver
Instagram: Gossip no Like

“We discovered that #ClarissaMolina from #ElGordoYLaFlaca has an affair with #VicenteSaavedra, manager of #Ozuna who was involved in the murder of the Puerto Rican singer #KevinFret. We show you the evidence! Go that the talent of # Univisión love to get involved with men of dangerous reputations and they are also picking up tricks that could affect them and also the company ”, is the description of the video that shared the Instagram of Gossip no Like.

And it is that in the video some images appear where Clarissa Molina wears some bracelets that appeared in some stories of Vicente Saavedra, who was the manager of the singer Ozuna and who is linked to the murder of Kevin Fret, so supposedly the boyfriend of the driver could be ‘dirty’ also in fact.

The bracelets that gave away Clarissa Molina with her boyfriend

Clarissa Molina discovered boyfriend

“Clarissa Molina from el Gordo y la Flaca, we accuse her and point our fingers at her, she is with a man who does not have a very good reputation and we are going to tell them who he is, this is the test but we know that he is with him … gentleman who at the time had legal problems, who was allegedly involved in the disappearance of Kevin Fret and is the former manager of Ozuna, Vicente Saavedra … «, sentenced Elisa Beristain.

In the images they presented, you can see Clarissa Molina with some golden bracelets that also appeared in an Instagram story of Vicente Saavedra holding his hand while they were in a basketball game although the face was never seen, but they investigated and assure that it is her.

Clarissa Molina’s boyfriend is Vicente Saavedra, former manager of the singer Ozuna

Clarissa Molina boyfriend

«Did he himself give them those bracelets or did she buy them with her savings?» Elisa Beristain questioned about the bracelets that Clarissa Molina ‘discovered’ with her boyfriend Vicente Saavedra, but the one who went to the jugular of the whole cast of El Gordo y la Flaca, it was Javier Ceriani who expressed:

«Poor El Gordo and La Flaca, between Lili and the inappropriate comments, El Gordo with the accusations in the jacuzzi and Clarissa Molina with this Vicente Saavedra …», implying that the problems in the show continue due to the controversial decisions of the company that supports it, in addition to the sexual harassment scandal of one of its producers.

People say about Clarissa Molina’s boyfriend

Boyfriend Clarissa Molina

The comments in the video for Gossip no Like were swift: “No wonder they bring her as an actress in Ozuna’s films”, “But what is the problem, she has all her rights and can be a girlfriend even to El Chapo Guzmán ”,“ No wonder so many privileges are given to him at Univision ”,“ Privileges have to be paid dearly ”.

«He is a Hampon … and recently he had a case of domestic violence», «OMG Really?», «More or less what tricks? What reputation! Leave the stupidity «,» If they talk about that, believe a lot! He doesn’t even stop talking when Lily and El Gordo are talking «,» But the one who gave the order was Ozuna and he’s out there !! Clarissa silly because boyfriend rattles and everything to fall so low … there is better find a good man even if he is humble. But rich and bully I don’t even want him on the corner ”.

The accusation against Ozuna and Clarissa Molina’s boyfriend?

Boyfriend Clarissa Molina

In 2019, a singer named Kevin Fret was reported missing and later found dead and at that time he was allegedly related to the singer Ozuna as responsible for giving the order to kill him along with his then manager Vicente Saavedra.

«We can’t find what to say, so we are going to continue pointing out the two strongest, Ozuna and Vicente,» were the words that Saavedra expressed when he arrived at the San Juan Court to testify on the case, after Kevin Fret’s mother assured that the two were behind the death of his son, who was also alleged to have tried to extort money from Ozuna with an alleged sex video, however, the case continued under investigation. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT THEY SAID IN NO LIKE Gossip

The bracelets gave away the host of El Gordo y la Flaca

The driver discovered by some bracelets

A few months ago there was a shooting in Aventura Mall, a shopping center in Miami Florida causing terror among people who were in stores and restaurants, however, today it is known that the host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, Clarissa Molina was one of those affected by the shooting and recounted her experience with the mockery of Raúl De Molina.

In the program of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, the beautiful former beauty queen spoke about what she had experienced while she was in Aventura Mall in a restaurant when the shooting broke out that left three injured and dozens of people parked .

Clarissa Molina was trapped in Aventura Mall in the middle of a shooting

Clarissa molina

In front of Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina, the driver Clarissa Molina narrated the minutes of stress and anguish that happened when she was getting ready to have breakfast with a friend when the shots suddenly began to be heard and the parked people began to run throughout Aventura Mall , in Miami.

However, nobody expected that Raúl De Molina would appear in a mocking tone about the words that Clarissa Molina was counting: «Clarissa, Aventura Mall in the city of Miami there was a shooting, tell me what happened,» said El gordo when the former queen of beauty he said that everything was horrible.

The third time’s the charm? He endangered his life in the middle of the shooting at Aventura Mall

Clarissa Molina caught Aventura Mall shooting

“Horrible, horrible, this is the second time that has happened to me, it happened to me in Spain once and now again… I was eating out in a restaurant… I recorded that video instinctively, it was my instinct to turn on… (the cell phone ), but at once I said ‘no, wait, let me run,’ ”Clarissa Molina began.

In the images of the video that the host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ was able to record, you can see how from an outdoor area surrounded by plants, people crouch when they hear the shots, while other people run to take cover leaving their belongings and food on the tables.

The shooting at Aventura Mall caused her to be ‘trapped’

Shooting Aventura Mall

“I tell my friend ‘let’s go inside’ because I didn’t want to run to where my car was because all the people were running there, people were falling and one could be mistreated, in fact there were three injured because while they were running they were they fell ”, assured the beautiful driver.

While in the video recorded by Clarissa Molina, she realizes part of the chaos that was experienced in the Aventura Mall shooting in the city of Miami, where dozens of people were desperate to find a place to shelter, until the driver He told how and why the violent events occurred.

Two people were arguing and the shooting began at Aventura Mall

Raúl de Molina makes fun of his partner

According to Clarissa Molina herself, there were two people who started the shooting at Aventura Mall: “Do you know what happened? Two groups of people were inside the mall and they were exchanging words, they began to fight and took out two weapons, «said the former beauty queen.

After the fight between this group of people, they fired three shots and that was when chaos reigned in Aventura Mall with the images of people running desperately while waiting for the arrival of the authorities to the place, in which only three wounded were counted. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT CLARISSA MOLINA TOLD

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