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Chronicle: Hispanic man who killed his «little daughter» is beaten in prison

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  • Chronicle: Hispanic man who killed his «little daughter» is beaten in prison
  • At least five inmates did justice by their own hands
  • Jorge Barahona was beaten mercilessly by his teammates

They say that «the one who pays it»,

and it seems that the prisoners of a jail in the United States took this old adage very seriously. And it is that at least five inmates of a Miami (Florida) prison have just savagely beaten a Hispanic who was admitted to the same unit accused of the death of his adopted daughter.

Everything indicates that Jorge Barahona, 53, was the one who beat Nubia Barahona, a little girl of just 10 years old, and tortured her twin brother, whom she had adopted some time ago. This crime shocked the entire community in that sector and the case made headlines in most of the local media, so there was no way for the accused to go unnoticed upon arrival at the prison.

Chronicle: Hispanic man who killed his «little daughter» is beaten in prison

Getty Reference Photo

A couple of days ago, Barahona was lying asleep on his bunk inside the cell assigned to him, when he was surrounded by a group of fellow prisoners. The subjects woke him up abruptly and, without a word, began punching and kicking him.

After several minutes, when they had tired of beating him, the inmates left and Barahona ended up with multiple bruises on his face, a cut to his nose and a severe nosebleed, according to court records. The alleged perpetrators of this attack were identified as Armando Verdecia, 21; Oscar Martínez, 29; Hakeem Drane, 24; Klauss Moise, 20; and Devaun Spaulding, 27.

Chronicle: Hispanic man who killed his «little daughter» is beaten in prison

Chronic prison killed "daughter"

The assault was not captured on video by any of the surveillance cameras because the inmates managed to manipulate them. But after questioning them, the police determined that the attack was due to «the nature of his pending charges,» indicating that the perpetrators were furious with Barahona for the crime he committed and landed him in prison.

All of them now face an additional charge for the assault, authorities reported in a police report. The trial against Barahona was scheduled for April 2020. However, it was postponed because it was when the coronavirus pandemic was at its peak, the newspaper reported Miami Herald.

Chronicle: Hispanic man who killed his «little daughter» is beaten in prison

The minor murdered, Nubia Barahona. Photo provided by the Miami Herald

A new hearing against the suspect has not yet been rescheduled, although the state of Florida did change his defender, after it was revealed that his previous lawyer is under investigation for some anomalies related to his accounts, the newspaper reported. Barahona was arrested and charged with killing his adopted daughter in February 2011, after investigators concluded that the minor and her brother had been tortured by Barahona and his wife for several months.

The girl’s body was found on Valentine’s Day in the back of her father’s truck, following a routine stop on a Palm Beach County freeway. The defendant’s wife, Carmen Barahona, 69, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and other child abuse charges last year and was sentenced to life in prison.

Chronicle: Hispanic man who killed his «little daughter» is beaten in prison

David Ovalle / courtesy Miami Herald

The Prosecutor’s Office negotiated with her so that she would not be sentenced to the death penalty in exchange for her testifying against her husband and she accepted without thinking twice. Jorge Barahona, for his part, is a candidate for capital punishment in the event that he is found guilty at trial. The little brothers had the misfortune to be put in the home of the Barahona, who promised to take care of them and protect them, since they came from suffering neglect, but they fell into a worse place.

The couple decided to adopt the children and convinced the state of Florida to grant them. The reasons why the boys were mercilessly attacked is unknown. What is a fact is that despite the fact that he has not yet been convicted, Barahona is already getting the bill and it is well deserved that he has it.

Thank you very much for reading my column today on MundoHispánico. I’ll wait for you in the morning, as always.

Chronicle: Police on the trail of abusive Hispanic grandfather

Memphis Police, TN

Do you believe in real monsters? Well, believe it or not exist And they are not horrible beings like the ones we see on television, but they look normal, like you and me. In my chronicle today I want to expose you the case of a 60-year-old grandfather, who is wanted by the US authorities for one of the most terrible acts that a human being can commit: raping a defenseless creature.

It is about Artemio Molina Villalobos, who is the main suspect of having sexually abused a girl as young as six years old. According to the report of the Memphis (Tennessee) City Police Department, The outrage was discovered after the mother of the little girl began to notice strange actions at home, both on the part of Molina and her little daughter.

Chronicle: Police on the trail of abusive Hispanic grandfather

Police follow abuser grandfather who attacked baby, by Mario Guevara
Artemio Molina Villalobos (Memphis Police)

However, the minor was never able to tell her anything about the abuse she suffered since she was apparently under threats. One day, the woman decided to put a hidden camera in her house and it was thanks to this that it became clear how the man took advantage of the innocent girl.

Upon realizing that her little girl was being raped, the mother went to the authorities with video in hand to prove it. Unfortunately, when the agents came to look for Molina to arrest him, he had already fled. It is unknown how he found out that he had been betrayed, but today, the police are looking for him to make him pay for his misdeeds.

Chronicle: Police on the trail of abusive Hispanic grandfather

Memphis Police

Molina is described as a Hispanic who is between 5’7 «and 5’9» feet tall and weighs about 170 pounds. He has gray hair, brown eyes, and a mustache. A reward of $ 1,000 has been offered to the person who helps get him caught. Anonymous whistleblowers are also welcome.

In which head can an older man fixate on a little innocent? Only in the mind of a heartless pervert, but unfortunately there are many. But the worst thing is that this kind of wicked people are living in everyday homes and surrounded by children who do not even have the slightest idea of ​​the modern monsters that are around them.

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