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Sneaker Pimp: The Subtle Art of Chic and Comfy Shoes

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Do you find yourself wearing your sneakers a little too often lately since they are so in fashion? You are not alone. It seems every fashion blogger is pairing her Adidas Stan Smith’s with everything from jean skirts to dress slacks. But why you ask? Because it’s just so darn comfy and cool. If you have been living in a wireless log cabin for the last year, the big fashion news is that sneakers are the hottest accessories out there.  

From music stars like Rihanna sporting luxe Chanel sneakers with a skirt suit on the red carpet to the former Manolo-wearing queen Jessica Parker strutting around Manhattan in her high-tops, it’s evident the fashion world is taking their cues from the sports world. And our feet are thanking all the trend setters out there for this comfort you’ve allowed us.

a comfortable shoe

Person tying their sneakers

Holly Rilinger, the Nike master trainer from Bravo’s Work Out New York shared her perspective on why sneakers have conquered the fashion space with Who What Wear mag. “I really think it’s first and foremost about comfort—that, and being able to wear one thing throughout the day. You live a busy life, and you can go from work to drinks to dinner without the whole heels-in-your-bag thing.”

Since not everyone looks as tall and elegant as celebs like Taylor Swift or Mischa Barton do in their very flat pairs of Keds all day long, for the vertically challenged there are wedge sneakers to give you an edge above it all. These high heels masquerading as high tops are the perfect shoe to look ultra-hip-hop cool in while cushioning your tootsies around town or at a cocktail event.

The style


While low-rise sneaker favorites like New Balance were once the footwear of serious runner types, they can now be spotted on people who don’t have time in their jet set lives to work out and prefer to take cabs than walk. We love New Balance worn with big flowy skirts or with skinny jeans and a cool button down shirt and leather jacket.

But the thing is, no matter how fashionably confident you are, power suits and pencil skirts just don’t look quite right with clunky cross trainers. That’s why the new trend in slip-on sneakers made popular by Kate Spade are the comfort bomb. They’re the perfect combination of casual and chic. Add with that, coupled with the convenience of no laces, you’ve got yourself a winning and stylish answer to your pedestrian commute troubles.

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