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Biden Administration Will ‘Explore’ Immigrant Families Separated By Trump To Stay In The US

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  • Biden Administration Will ‘Explore’ Immigrant Families Separated By Trump To Stay In The US
  • Trump’s measures appear to be ‘falling apart’
  • Citizenship for separated families at the border?

The Biden administration will ‘explore’ that immigrant families separated during the term of former President Donald Trump remain in the United States.

The Government assured this Monday that it will «explore» how to allow the families of immigrants separated at the border to stay to live legally in the country if they so wish, and will finance legal and health services for them, Efe indicates.

Separated Immigrants Border Citizenship, Biden government

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‘Urgency’ to solve the serious situation

The Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, made the announcement during a press conference at the White House, in which he stressed the «urgency» of solving the situation of the hundreds of undocumented minors who were separated from their parents at the border under the Trump administration and whose parents have not yet been located.

“Our hope is to reunite families, either here or in their home country. We trust that we can give you a choice. And if, in fact, they want to meet here in the United States, we will explore legal avenues for them to stay in the United States, ”Mayorkas said.

Separated Immigrants Border Citizenship, Biden government

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‘Too many’ affected by Trump’s policy

Lawyers for many families affected by the “zero tolerance” policy in 2017 and 2018 have asked in a lawsuit that the Government of President Joe Biden allow parents who were deported after being separated from their children to return to the country to meet with them.

A month ago, the Biden administration announced the creation of a task force dedicated to reuniting separated immigrant families at the border, through a policy that the courts stopped in June 2018 and that affected more than 2,500 children.

Hundreds of children without their parents

Last October, the parents of 545 of those children affected by the policy had not yet been located, according to a group of lawyers appointed by a federal court for reunifications cited by Efe.

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In addition to contemplating the possibility of offering legal avenues for separated families to reunite in the United States, the task force created by Biden will also cover certain costs of transportation, health services, legal and education for affected migrants, according to chain NBC News.

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Siblings of children separated at the border from their parents will also be considered in the reunification plan to be carried out, according to a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security quoted by NBC News.

Most of the immigrants separated by the family separation policy came from Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador, with whose foreign ministers Mayorkas spoke last Friday, says Efe.

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Mayorkas denies there is a ‘crisis’

The Head of National Security and Immigration also announced that since last Friday the working group for the issue has an executive director, Michelle Brané, an expert on the rights of detained undocumented persons and former director of migrant rights at the Commission for Refugee Women.

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Although the arrival of undocumented immigrants to the border with Mexico doubled in January, Mayorkas denied on Monday that there is a crisis in the border area, and recalled that his government continues to deny entry to practically all those who arrive without papers, due to the pandemic. .

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«We are not saying that (the asylum seekers) do not come, we are saying that they do not come now,» stressed Mayorkas, assuring that the new government is taking time to rebuild «practically from scratch» the immigration system that «dismantled» Trump. .

«It takes time to get out of the depths of the cruelty established by the Administration before ours,» he insisted.

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