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Hunter/Gatherers: 14 Cool Collections to Start Right Now

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It is said that three like objects make a collection and that might be true, but in our experience, more dedicated collectors rarely stop at three, or four or even 50 of anything! Collecting is sort of like being a Hunter or Gatherer of the past—except we’re not talking about antelope and berries. A collection can be an expression of a passion, the ultimate way to recycle, and a way to expand an interest or a means of expressing your distinctiveness. According to the Chicago Tribune, “No matter how cheap and silly something might seem, if you amass enough of it and group it, it can have amazing impact.” Here are 15 cool things to collect so you can start right now. Who knows? You may already have a few choice collectibles, in which case, you’re on your way!

1. Seashells

These symbolize nature, the ocean and a sense of freedom for the collector. Plus, they can become little symbols of all the fab beaches you’ve been so lucky to experience.

2. Vintage Barware


These are not only cool things to collect but also pretty functional. You’ll dazzle every time you host, adding that little hit of retro cool to an otherwise bland affair. Vintage barware is great as display items, too, so you don’t have to keep them tucked away in a box forever.

3. Pez Dispensers, Vintage Lunchboxes, Action figures

These are, of course, memories of childhood. Collections range from being year-specific to character-centered. It’s up to you how you want to organize it all. They are great hand-me-down collections for your kids to continue.

4. Vintage Jewelry

Collection necklace

This is always a good choice since it’s both gorgeous and wearable as long as it’s in good shape. It also retains its value if you take good care of it. And if you’re really broke or over it, you can always sell these collectables on eBay.

5. Rocks

Seriously. People collect rocks. You can find collections of ordinary rocks in interesting shapes, geodes or collections based on color. Like seashells, you can see them as symbolic mementos from the cool places you’ve traveled.

6. Snow Globes


There’s something dreamy and nostalgic about snow globes that inspire people to amass hundreds of them. Plus, they’re sold in every tourist shop imaginable. This is another great thing to keep inventory of great trips.

7. Colored Glass

With a collection of colored glass, you can form a beautiful grouping to reflect your home’s color scheme. Sea glass is especially pretty with its shades of blues and greens.

8.  Black & White Photography

Collection vintage photo

This always looks beautiful and can be incredibly striking when framed, positioned together on a single statement wall.

9. Vintage Keys

These have both history and mystery. We love them for both and they can be displayed in shadow boxes available at most craft stores.

10. Children’s Books


Collecting these is a way to hold onto good childhood memories, or perhaps pass the collection on to your own kids someday. Either way, it’s sweet.

11. Globes

These symbolize dreams of travel. Fingers crossed they come true.

12. Matchbooks


These are nostalgic things to collect. Matchbooks are often taken from a restaurant or hotel when something meaningful or significant happens in a person’s life. They’re also a fabulous way to remember great restaurants.

13. Vintage Vinyl

This is the quintessential collectable for the music-head. There’s really nothing quite like the sound of a record playing.

14. Perfume Bottles

Collection perfumes concept

This is kind of a throw back, too, but there’s a reason it still works: they’re so pretty and feminine! You can find them in the most random places for the cheapest prices and they’ll make your vanity or bathroom look like a million bucks.

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