Mexican Hanna Jaff is discriminated by British royalty and leaves her husband (PHOTOS)

  • The Mexican Hanna Jaff who a year and a half ago managed to enter British royalty, ended up in a terrible situation.
  • Did they kick her out? Hanna Jaff returned to Mexico amid hardships that are now being leaked.
  • Belonging to British royalty brought her moments of terror.

Through the magazine ‘Quien’ the terrible experience that the Mexican Hanna Jaff lived with British royalty has been shared, since after a year and a half of being married to Henry Roper-Curzon, with whom she planned to live a fairy tale, it turned out to be the opposite.

Hanna Jaff is a Mexican businesswoman, philanthropist and member of a wealthy family, something that could be seen during her participation in the much criticized Netflix series ‘Made In Mexico’ that portrayed the lives of young people with money from Mexico City, including the now former member of British royalty.

Hanna Jaff, the Mexican in British royalty, ended very badly

Instagram: Hanna Jaff

The Mexican publication reports that after a year and 6 months of marriage, Hanna Jaff and Henry Roper-Curzon separated due to domestic violence and acts of discrimination apparently against the Mexican philanthropist. With no possibility of reconciliation, the former member of ‘Made in Mexico’ arrived in the country on July 3.

Hanna Jaff and her now ex Henry Roper-Curzon met at philanthropic and social events in Mexico City so they quickly began a courtship that culminated in a wedding, but what she would never imagine is that she would be the victim of the worst lowliness.

He mistreated her and discriminated against her


According to the magazine ‘Who’, the cousin of the princesses Eugenia and Beatriz de York, of the British royalty, lived a season in Mexico with his partner Hanna Jaff and lived with family and friends of the Mexican, so it was shocking that being already in his married life in London, he would bring out ‘his true self’.

And it is that Henry Roper-Curzon, showed his personality ‘of jerk’ with his partner Hanna Jaff when they were married and sources close to her, assure that the ‘blue blood’ violated her physically and verbally, in addition to discriminating against her and even death threat was made against him.

Hanna Jaff was ‘forced’ out of British royalty


As reported in the magazine ‘Quien’, the cousin of the princesses spent a season living together with Hanna Jaff in Mexico and his behavior was totally different from that shown in London, because together with his family they allegedly would have made him ‘life in squares ‘to the Mexican for her condition and her skin color.

People close to Hanna Jaff assured that the Mexican had to make the decision to separate and ‘get out’ of British royalty because her husband and his family were aggressive in comments and actions against her, including talk of blows and acts humiliating discrimination.

Hanna Jaff ended her fairy tale in a horror one with British royalty


Hanna Jaff and Henry Roper-Curzon were married in civil law on February 17, 2020, in an event organized at Chelsea Old Town Hall, however they never had a religious ceremony. So far no further details of what happened have been given, but according to what is assured, there will be no reconciliation.

The Mexican came to her country of origin to carry out her work activities, as she is a businesswoman and a member of the UN agency that seeks sustainable development around the world, which she was always’ showing off ‘during her participation in the reality show’ Made in Mexico’.

British royalty does not want the Mexican to reconcile with her husband


Hanna Jaff is 34 years old and in 2019 she was named one of the 100 most outstanding women in the country according to Forbes magazine and although her official Instagram had stopped sharing publications, she resumed them in recent weeks but appearing alone.

Did you live the same as Meghan Markle? A few weeks ago a bomb exploded on British royalty, when the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, assured that certain members of the British royal family expressed doubts about the skin color that her first child would have with Prince Harry, in addition to revealing that during that pregnancy she had suicidal thoughts and claimed that the Royal Household refused to help her.

Did the Mexican happen the same as Meghan Markle with British royalty?


According to information from Efe, the Dukes of Sussex related their experience before leaving the British monarchy, and Enrique regretted the deterioration of his relationship with both his brother, Prince William, and with his father, Charles of England, of whom He said he was «disappointed» in an interview broadcast yesterday in the United States.

The most shocking revelations came from Meghan Markle, who starred alone in the first half of the interview with host Oprah Winfrey, which lasted two hours and aired in prime time on CBS.

The discrimination bomb that exploded Meghan Markle

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«In the months that I was pregnant, there were … concerns and conversations about how dark her skin could be when she was born,» Meghan said. The Duchess said that these alleged racist comments were made in «conversations that the family had» with Enrique, but refused to identify those who articulated them, stating that «that would be very harmful to them.»

When he later joined the interview, Prince Harry confirmed that the conversation revolved around «what would the children look like» that he would have with Meghan Markle, who is mixed race and with African American roots, but declined to elaborate. about. «It is a conversation that I will never talk about,» said Enrique, adding that it was «shocking.»

Hanna Jaff Outside British Royalty

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Meghan Markle is pregnant with her second baby and announced during the interview that it is a girl who will be born this summer. He assured that when he was waiting in 2019 for the birth of his first son, Archie, he learned that the Royal House «did not want him to be a prince» or «receive security.»

The Duchess of Sussex added that she was overwhelmed by the idea that her son “was not going to be safe, and that the first colored member of this family would not be given a title in the same way that other grandchildren would be given. ”. Meghan regretted that there can be that kind of racism in the royal family, because «the Commonwealth is a huge part of the monarchy and 60 or 70 percent are people of color,» adding that she knows «how important it has been to them. see someone in this position who looks similar to yours. »

Did they kick the Mexican out?

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Meghan also revealed that her mental health noticeably worsened during her first pregnancy, and that there came a point where she had to talk seriously with Enrique because she had “very clear, real and constant suicidal thoughts that were scary”: “Just, now. I did not want to be alive ”, he stressed.

She affirmed that she went to «one of the highest ranking people in the institution» of the Royal Household and «begged him to help her» to improve her mental health, but they replied «no, they couldn’t do anything» for her. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Meghan Markle had denounced discrimination by British royalty


«They never did anything, so we had to find a solution,» added Meghan Markle, seemingly referring to their decision to withdraw from the monarchy and start a new life outside the UK.

The Duchess of Sussex stressed that, although at that time she could not feel «more alone», she has recovered her mental health and now feels that «life is worth living» (With information from Efe).

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