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Alleged serial killer terrorizes Mexico

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Miguel Cortés Miranda: The 'Mexican Jeffrey Dahmer' (Photo: Facebook/Shutterstock)
  • Miguel Cortés Miranda is an accused serial killer.
  • He’s being called the ‘Mexican Jeffrey Dahmer.’
  • What have authorities found?

THE MEXICAN JEFFREY DAHMER! The murder of a 17-year-old girl, identified as María José, caused an uproar in Mexico.

María’s mother interrupted the accused sexually assaulting her and when she tried to flee, he stabbed her.

Shortly after, the attacker was detained by neighbors and identified as Miguel Cortés Miranda. Now his ‘dark secrets’ are coming to light.

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Miguel Cortés Miranda is arrested

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Photo: CDMX Attorney General’s Office.

On Tuesday, April 16, the tranquility of the La Cruz Coyuya neighborhood, in Iztacalco, was interrupted by an unprecedented act of violence.

Miguel Cortés Miranda, a biologist by profession, is accused of killing María José Castillo, who was in her own house.

According to local media, Cortés Miranda stalked the young woman and waited for her mother to leave the home.

This demonstrates, once again, that gender violence continues to be one of the most worrying issues in Mexico, due to the high rate of femicides in the nation.

He killed Maria José

 Iztacalco, Mexico, sexual assault, domestic violence, crime of passion, MundoNOW
Photo: X

Castillo’s story angered the public, due to the aggressiveness of Cortés Miranda’s attack.

First, he sexually assaulted María José and then stabbed her to death, according to the victim’s family.

He was caught assaulting 17-year-old girl, moving away from the teenager’s body when he heard noises.

At that moment, Casandra, María José’s mother, tried to protect her daughter and was also brutally attacked by Miguel.

How did they stop him?

 criminal investigation, biologist, victims, mother and daughter, MundoNOW
Photo: X

Neighbors, alerted by Casandra’s cries for help, came to her aid and managed to detain the attacker until police arrived.

Mexico City police apprehended Miguel Cortés Miranda, who had a sharp weapon, and arrested him.

María José’s stepfather and sister described what happened.

«When she returned she heard noises, cries for help. When her mother came in, she saw this guy, her attacker, come out. When she saw him come out, he also attacked her with a knife. Then she killed my daughter, we don’t know, but we believe there was sexual abuse,» the stepfather said.

Terror for a family

Miguel Cortés Miranda, Miguel Cortés Miranda, María José, murder, crime
Photo: X

The details provided by María José’s sister about the violence of the attack outraged the public.

«The first thing I see is a blood stain, I see my mother lying on the sofa, bleeding. She had a stab wound here (on the jaw) and another on her back,» said María José’s sister.

«[My mother] was in a state of shock. My sister, I walked in and she was dead. She was in a very, very strange position. With her pants down and her shirt up and I said, ‘Why?'» the young woman said.

Three days after María José’s murder, Mexican authorities found a dark secret inside the home of Miguel Cortés Miranda.

Is he the Mexican Jeffrey Dahmer?

Miguel Cortés Miranda, Miguel Cortés Miranda, María José, murder, crime
Photo: X

María José’s murder, details of the investigation into her killer have come out.

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City authorized a search of Cortés’ apartment and found evidence that would link him to the murders of seven other women.

Around 20 human remains and tools with which he would have cut up the bodies were discovered in his home, according to infobae.

Police also stated that there were surgical materials, chemical substances and evidence of other alleged victims.

What happened to Miguel Cortés Miranda?

Miguel Cortés Miranda, Miguel Cortés Miranda, María José, murder, crime
Photo: X

On Friday, April 19, a control judge has said Miguel Cortés Miranda will go to trial for the murders.

He will remain in the Oriente Prison during the trial according to El Universal.

He may also be implicated in the disappearance of his ex, Frida Sofía, who was last seen in 2015.

So far, the identity of the remains that were found inside the house is unknown. To see the video of Maria María José’s family click HERE.

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