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Father of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer dies

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Lionel Dahmer dies (Photos: Getty Images)
  • Jeffrey Dahmer’s father, Lionel Dahmer, dies.
  • He was 87.
  • His life was marked by tragedy.

Lionel Dahmer, the father of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has died at age 87 in a hospice facility near his residence in rural Ohio.

The news was confirmed by a source close to the family on Tuesday, December 5.

According to a Medina County Health Department employee, Lionel Dahmer passed away on Tuesday — the cause of his death has not yet been revealed.

Since October, Lionel had been in palliative care due to his deteriorating health, following the death of his wife Shari, on January 13 at age 81.

Lionel Dahmer dies

Lionel Dahmer Dies, Jeffrey Dahmer, Serial Killer, Death, Jeffrey Dahmer's Father
PHOTO: Getty Images

According to the source, Dahmer’s health had progressively worsened since his wife’s death, as he slowly lost the desire to get out of bed.

«It was slow at first, but he didn’t want to get up and move around as much,» the source said, adding that he seemed ready to go.

In addition, he highlighted the respect and admiration that many felt for Lionel regarding the way he faced the circumstances surrounding his son, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Lionel had been receiving treatment for heart problems.

Hallucinations of Jeffrey Dahmer

Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer, Serial Killer, Death, Jeffrey Dahmer's father
PHOTO: Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

A lawyer previously linked to Lionel declined to comment on his death.

A close source revealed that in his final months, Lionel experienced hallucinations involving his son Jeffrey.

«In his final months, he was heavily medicated and had hallucinations about seeing Jeff,» the source said, adding that Lionel seemed incoherent at times.

«He was incoherent and asking if people had seen Jeff. He said that Jeff had come to see him. He also asked about Shari, it was almost as if he was trying to remember happier times.»

Lionel Dahmer had been declining

Serial Killer, Death, United States, Milwaukee, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Lionel’s passing, approximately a year after Shari’s death in a nursing facility, paints a picture of ongoing pain and loss in the Dahmer family.

Doctors believe that Shari succumbed to complications arising from the persistent health issues she had been dealing with for several years.

After living under the cloud of his son’s heinous actions, losing his wife proved too much for Lionel.

Lionel chose to remain secluded in Seville, Ohio after Jeffrey Dahmer was revealed to be a serial killer.

A life filled with tragedy

lionel dahmer dies, serial killer, jeffrey dahmer, father
PHOTO Shutterstock

Lionel sought a quiet existence away from the scrutiny that had marked the darkest stage of his life, according to The US Sun.

Lionel Dahmer’s death not only marks the end of a life, but also the epilogue of an existence marked by tragedy and torment linked to the atrocious acts perpetrated by his son.

Jeffrey Dahmer left an indelible mark on U.S. criminal history.

His horrifying killings will live on in the collective imagination for generations.

A macabre legacy

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The memory of these tragic events will persist as part of the Dahmer legacy.

The public’s fascination with the depravity of Jeffery Dahmer’s crimes will endure.

This dark and enigmatic legacy of the Dahmer family, marked by such painful and disturbing episodes, stands as a testament to the human capacity for extreme evil.

At the same time, it is a call to understand and explore the darkest depths of the human mind.

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