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Univision’s telenovela ‘Tu Vida es Mi Vida’ is a gay love story in prime time

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Tu Vida es Mi Vida is a gay love story (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Univision’s Tu Vida es Mi Vida is a gay love story.
  • Fans love the LGBTQ+ storyline.
  • It stars Bruno Piza and Pedro Baldo.

After much anticipation, the telenovela Tu Vida es Mi Vida premiered on Monday, January 15 on TelevisaUnivision.

Despite stellar performances by Susana González and Valentino Lanús, two other actors have stolen the hearts of viewers.

They are Bruno Piza and Pedro Baldo, whose characters, Diego and Arturo, are involved in a gay love story.

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Before revealing more about what Univision’s new gay love story is about, it’s worth highlighting some details about the show.

Tu Vida es Mi Vida is based on a Chilean telenovela which aired in 2019, called Amar a Morir.

In addition to Susana González and Valentino Lanús, the cast includes Juan Soler, Lisardo, Pedro Moreno, Elsa Ortiz and Sofía Rivera Torres.

The show is produced by the renowned Angelli Nesma Medina. It airs both in Mexico and the United States.

A gay love story of self-discovery

Bruno Piza, actor, México, Televisa, MundoNOW, gay story Univision telenovela, Tu Vida es mi Vida
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Actor Bruno Piza, who plays Diego Serrano Lugo in the telenovela, gave a revealing interview.

In a chat with Chema Cortés for Noveleando, he said that this gay love story is primarily «a story of self-discovery.»

«First they are going to see a story of discovery of self-love with Diego (Pizá), ), but until Arturo (Baldo) comes into their life they are going to see a story of discovery of love,» he said.

The actor said it will be beautiful.

Bruno Piza on the responsibility of representing the LGBTQ+ community

gay story Univision soap opera, LGBTIQ+ community, responsibility, awareness, MundoNOW, Tu Vida es mi Vida
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Bruno Piza also said that both he and Pedro Baldo are aware of the great responsibility of their roles in this Univision telenovela.

According to People en Español, he referred to the LGBTQ+ community as «precious.»

«[W]e are both aware of what that responsibility is to tell the story in a correct way, in a honestly and in a natural way,» he said.

To conclude, he mentioned that they have both allowed themselves to enjoy the process and build their characters together.

‘You are going to see many barriers broken’

Pedro Baldo, actor, Argentina, Tierra de esperanza, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Of course the gay love story depicted in the telenovela Tu Vida es Mi Vida wouldn’t be complete without Pedro Baldo.

The Argentine actor is known for his role as Clemente in the telenovela Tierra de Esperanza.

He said that the character of Arturo will break many barriers.

«You are going to see a guy who hides behind a very big mask, presuming to be very strong, very sure of himself but with a lot of internal fear,» he said.

Pedro Baldo talks about his character

YouTube, channel, message, Psychology and fame, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Pedro Baldo spoke with YouTube’s Psicología y Fama about his role in this telenovela.

«I play a very beautiful character, with a lot of responsibility, because I’m part of a story that represents a very large community of people.»

Additionally, the young actor said that what happens to his character has been experienced, or will be experienced, by many people.

«I tried to give him the best I could and to do it from the heart with sensitivity, awareness, empathy and a lot of love,» he concluded.

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