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Emma Coronel’s stylist tells all about what El Chapo’s wife did in prison

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Emma Coronel's stylist reveals all (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Emma Coronel’s stylist tells all.
  • Is El Chapo’s wife writing a book?
  • Stylist Sergio Fernando Arévalo gave a revealing interview.

Sergio Fernando Arévalo, a Guatemalan stylist renowned in the entertainment world, has acquired international notoriety.

He has worked with celebrities like singers María José and Paulina Rubio, as well as influencer Lele Pons.

However, his rise to global fame was cemented after working with Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of infamous drug trafficker Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán.

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In an interview that Sergio Arévalo gave to Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo, he shared some revelations about the capo’s wife.

The stylist let us know what Emma was doing in prison: «She obviously told me that she read a lot and that she also studied, and the gym.

She is a very calm woman, I couldn’t believe that I had her in the chair, we talked, we talked about many topics, health, exercise, shoes, clothes…,» he said.

«Nothing out of this world and you could see Emma was calm and at peace,» Arévalo shared about his experience with the former beauty queen.

How did Emma Coronel spend her time in prison?

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Photo: Archive/Getty Images

Sergio Fernando Arévalo and Emma Coronel met during a musical performance by El Chapo’s lawyer, Mariel Colón, in Los Angeles.

Since then, Arévalo has become Coronel’s trusted stylist, establishing a close bond with her.

While doing Coronel’s hair, Arévalo and the drug trafficker’s wife talked about various aspects of her life.

This included her 31-month stay in a U.S. prison after being convicted of crimes related to Joaquín Guzmán Loera’s offences.

Revelations about the former beauty queen

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Photo: Archive/Getty Images

«It made me nervous at first when I read her messages because I started to investigate more,» the Guatemalan stylist told Al Rojo Vivo.

“She did mention her husband, his name was not mentioned, she told me something, she brought up things that I think she needed to talk about,” Sergio mentioned.

«I think one day she will speak and comment on everything. I told her to write a book,” Arévalo revealed, suggesting the possibility of a deeper narrative.

Emma Coronel has expressed her interest in creating a line of products for women.

What is El Chapo’s wife planning?

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Photo: Archive/Getty Images

Emma Coronel is considering a line of makeup or glasses, although no specific details about these projects have been confirmed so far, according to Sergio Arévalo

Because of curiosity over Emma’s possible future projects, Telemundo wanted to speak with the stylist.

They never imagined that he would share several revelations about the former beauty queen.

El Chapo’s wife continues to attract media attention, both for her relationship with the renowned drug trafficker and for her own rise to fame.

The public is anticipating a possible autobiography

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Photo: Archive/Getty Images

After Sergio’s statements, people were quick to comment.

«They already look like Colombian programs.» «Loyalty is more than enough for money.» «Now drug traffickers are in fashion.» «They are making her famous.»

The celebrity stylist sparked plenty of controversy and speculation about Emma Coronel.

Well, now it’s hoped that Joaquín Guzmán Loera’s wife will decide to write a book detailing her own version of what she has experienced. To see the video of Sergio Arévalo’s interview click HERE.

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