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13-year-old boy makes history by ‘beating’ Tetris

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Photo: ShutterStock
  • A 13-year-old boy ‘beat’ Tetris.
  • He’s the first person known to have reached the last screen.
  • 40 years after the game’s launch, Willis Gibson beat it.

A 13-year-old boy beat Tetris last month, making history.

Willis Gibson from Oklahoma achieved what many believed to be impossible.

Forty years after its launch, he became the first person to reach Level 157 in the classic video game.

Gibson has been playing since he was 11 and has already participated in various tournaments.

13-year-old boy beats Tetris and goes viral

Tetris, Video game, Gaming, Gamers, Nintendo
Photo: ShutterStock

Gibson, who plays under the name Blue Scuti posted a video on his YouTube channel.

The 38 minute clip immediately went viral.

In addition to the nostalgia generated by this classic game, his incredible feat is astonishing.

He managed to beat the game in just 38 minutes.

Tetris and its many versions

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The original version of the falling blocks video game was released in 1984.

It was created by a Soviet engineer and gained popularity thanks to the NES.

To this day, there are more than 200 official versions on at least 70 consoles.

It also holds the record for being the third best-selling video game of all time.

How did he make it to the end?

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Photo: ShutterStock

«I feel like I’m going to pass out; I can’t feel my fingers,» Gibson says in his video after beating the game

When he made it to the last level the game froze because the code doesn’t allow for it to advance that far.

He mentioned this in the description of his video.

He quickly began trending and fellow gamers are applauding his achievement.

How do you play Tetris?

tetris, video game, gamers, MundoNOW
Photo: ShutterStock

The game itself is quite simple; you manipulate falling blocks.

The goal is to create solid rows to increase your score.

Also, as you advance in levels, the blocks fall faster.

Experts claim that it is Tetris’s simplicity that has kept it popular over the years.

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