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Advertisements on Netflix Games could become a reality

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Ads on Netflix Games (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • There could be ads on Netflix Games soon.
  • In-app purchases may also be added.
  • Netflix Games has gained momentum in the last two years.

Many are surprised by a possible upcoming change on Netflix Games.

The company is trying to get the most out of this sector.

It could be an interesting strategy to take advantage of the video game market.

However, for now these are just rumors.

Ads on Netflix Games

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Photo: ShutterStock

So far the company offers more than 80 titles in their games section.

They have many other upcoming projects for 2024.

There was also talk of bringing game adaptations of their most popular series.

This could mean you may be playing Stranger Things or Squid Game in the near future.

Are there active players on the platform?

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In 2022, it was reported that only 1% of subscribers played these video games.

However, at the end of 2023 it was announced that the platform had more than 80 titles to offer.

They also made the Grand Theft Auto trilogy completely free for its subscribers.

They have announced that more than 90 titles are being worked on for 2024.

What Netflix Games has planned for 2024

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As we mentioned before, these are nothing more than rumors.

However, seeing how the industry works, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Netflix implement in-app purchases in its games section.

It’s possible they will simply charge extra for an ad-free experience.

The idea has been criticized by many on social media.

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy is the most recent addition

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Photo: ShutterStock

Grand Theft Auto is among the broad range of games available on the platform.

The adventures of Carl Johnson, Claude Speed ​​and Tommy Vercetti will be free for Netflix subscribers.

You can download all these games on Android or iOS.

Netflix’s move to enter the world of video games is something to keep an eye on.

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