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God Of War Trilogy remaster could be coming on PS5

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God Of War remastered (Photos: ShutterStock)
  • God Of War Trilogy could be coming to PS5.
  • Rumors are circulating online.
  • Information comes from insiders and game developers.

God of War will always be one of PlayStation’s most beloved franchises.

However, its last two installments are far from those earlier games.

GOW was a Hack & Slash game originally, until the 2018 reboot.

The last time we heard about a remaster of the first games, they were the first PS2 titles.

God Of War and its remasters

Video game, Gow 3, ps4, playstation 4, video games
Photo: ShutterStock

As we mentioned before, Kratos’ adventures have were remastered for PS2.

A compilation of PS2 and PSP titles was released for the PlayStation 3.

A remastered version of the third installment would later be released for PlayStation 4.

Since then, there has not been an update of the first games.

Kratos and his adventures in Sparta could come to PS5

Kratos, GOW, God Of War, PlayStation
Photo: ShutterStock

This is what an insider said on the XBox Era Podcast.

It has been revealed that there are plans to bring back God Of War (2005) and God of War 2 (2007).

A review of God Of War 3 (2010) is also coming.

All this is for PlayStation 5 to the delight of gamers.

Who confirmed this news?

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Photo: ShutterStock

Some are very happy with this news.

Currently there is no way to play these titles on Sony’s next-generation console.

The information was revealed by insider Nick Baker, who usually deals with Xbox news.

«I’m not sure if it will be announced in 2024 and arrive in 2025, but I did hear the original trilogy will return,» he said on X (formerly Twitter).

GOW Valhalla leaves the door open

dualsense, GOW, PS5, Ragnarok, Kratos
Photo: ShutterStock

The latest DLC for GOW Ragnarok left clues about the direction the franchise could take.

They also saw several references to other world mythologies present.

In addition, seeing Kratos connect with his past makes the rumors of the return of the trilogy gain more strength.

God Of War and its original trilogy could arrive this year, or sometime in 2025.

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