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Retro classic review: Remembering the wonderful Western gem GUN

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GUN video game review (Photo: Activision/GUN)
  • GUN video game review.
  • It’s one of the most underrated Western games.
  • Follow Colton White’s story of revenge and redemption.

In this retro review we will talk about a gem that went unnoticed by many.

The 6th generation of consoles had an immense number of titles.

GUN is a perfect example of the importance of knowing how to make a good open world game with a Western theme.

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Photo: MundoNow

It was 2005 and NeverSoft, together with Activision, presented a very ambitious project.

In GUN we control Colton White, a young man who is trying to make a living with his father hunting in Missouri.

The setting of the game is very well done, representing various parts of the United States in the 1800s.

In the first moments, they introduce us to the character and show us the mechanics of the game.

An Old West story of revenge and redemption

GUN, weapons, Western, Retro, confrontation
Photo: IMDB / Activision / GUN (2005)

Colton White must face bandits and criminals after a tragic event.

It is also important to say that throughout the game you have several locations.

The video game lasts approximately 6 hours.

Furthermore, GUN’s mechanics are sections that bring out how ambitious this game was at the time.

GUN video game review: Its mechanics were ahead of their time

Town, playstation, wild west, cowboys, map
Photo: IMDB / Activision / GUN (2005)

It can be said that, after trying titles like Red Dead Redemption, nothing seems surprising.

But it must be taken into account that it was 2005 and GUN offered notable variety in its gameplay.

It also felt fresh for the time, having a large arsenal of weapons as well as a first-person mode.

The world was alive and there were a variety of side activities.

A Western world full of secondary activities

liquor, alcohol, hud, cowboy, west
Photo: IMDB / Activision / GUN (2005)

There were Hunting missions for legendary animals — such as pumas, dire wolves, albino buffalos and more.

You could also do Bounty Hunter missions where you took contracts to kill certain targets.

There were also mini-games that were little sections where you could play poker in the cantinas on the map.

Additionally, this game set a standard for open world video games.

It can be enjoyed on different platforms

race, mission, games, cowboy, far away
Photo: IMDB / Activision / GUN (2005)

Although a port is not available for the consoles of current generation, GUN can still be played in 2023.

The game was initially released for the GameCube consoles, Xbox, PSP, PlayStation 2 and PC.

Currently the game can be purchased for $19.99 on Steam. You can also get it at a discount at other stores.

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