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Pastor sues Powerball winner after she gives him $700,000

Pastor sues Powerball winner after she gave him $700,000. What caused this terrible dispute that turned the lottery into a nightmare?
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  • Pastor sues Powerball winner.
  • What happened to the North Carolina woman?
  • The lottery turned into a nightmare.

When a woman from North Carolina won the Powerball lottery, she thought all her worries would vanish.

Little did she know, her pastor would sue her for $10 million dollars.

Marie Holmes won $188 million in the North Carolina Powerball Lottery.

The mother of four opted to take a lump sum of $127 million after struggling to pay her bills and working several jobs to make ends meet.

Pastor sues Powerball winner

Kevin Mathews, a pastor at a local church, had given spiritual help and counseling to Holmes and they had a verbal agreement that she would give the church a generous donation to help Mathews buy land.

Holmes and Matthews had originally planned to work together to buy land to build a retirement home.

Matthews had requested $1-2 million from Holmes to facilitate the deal.

Holmes paid Matthews $700,000 to go towards the purchase of the land.

Why did Kevin Matthews sue Marie Holmes?

Kevin Matthews felt that his verbal agreement with Holmes gave him the right to request more money.  So, he decide to sue her for more.

«The bottom line … I just want her (Marie Holmes) to do what she said she was going to do.» Matthews said, according to WBLK.

«I want peace and to do what God told me to do. I want her to do what she said she was going to do. I really feel like a warrior for Christ and people need to be accountable.»

Matthews added that he had to increase his anti-depressants, as well as other medications, as a result of his dispute with Holmes.

The pastor blames Holmes’ relatives

«I am surprised and believe that a third party came to convince her to do what she did.»

Matthews wonders if perhaps her aunt, who was named chief executive of one of Holmes’ funds, was behind Holmes’ change of heart regarding their agreement.

Holmes felt stressed after being held responsible for the land Matthews wanted to purchase as well as posting bond for her boyfriend several times.

What is she doing with her winnings?

According to Black America Web, Holmes had saved almost $12 million to keep Lamar McDow from landing in prison.

She also purchased a home for her mother in Seattle, Washington and a business her fiancé would run.

Iyanla Vanzant from Fix My Life took charge of Holmes’ transition from poor to rich.

«It’s my intention to teach Marie that her problem had nothing to do with being rich, but rather of maturity, self respect and dignity,» Iyanla said.

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