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Yuri makes an offer to help Maribel Guardia deal with the pain of losing her son Julián Figueroa (VIDEO)

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Yuri, Maribel Guardia Julián Figueroa
  • Yuri makes an offer to Maribel Guardia.
  • She is in terrible pain over losing Julián Figueroa.
  • The Mexican invites the Costa Rican singer to visit.

Almost two weeks after Julián Figueroa’s death, actress and singer Maribel Guardia continues to receive a lot of support. Although she shared a very moving video with her grandson and seems to be coping, her friend Yuri who made an offer to help her get over the terrible grief she feels for her son.

Artists like Lorena Herrera, Lucía Méndez, Olivia Collins and Lourdes Munguía have been greatly affected by Maribel Guardia’s loss. Few have publicly suggested «solutions» to get over her grief but Yuri sent her a message.

Yuri has an offer for Maribel Figueroa

Yuri has a proposal to Maribel Guardia

When she found out about the sudden death of Julián Figueroa, singer Yuri shared an Instagram post: «I woke up this morning to drink water and I see social media and my heart, my soul, my spirit shook when I saw the news, I can’t believe it,» she began.

She offered condolences to her dear friend, whom she undoubtedly plans to help by giving her a solution for a speedy recovery: «My deepest condolences to you first, dear friend @maribelguardia and to the whole family, may God give you comfort and peace in the midst of this great pain.»

Did the blonde singer offer to do witchcraft?

She was shocked after the death of Julián Figueroa


Yuri is originally from Veracruz, Mexico where it’s not uncommon for people to believe in Santeria, witchcraft, mysticism and religion. Maribel Guardia’s dear friend sent her a very powerful message with a solution she says will help her cope with her grief.

Yuri told De Primera Mano: “I haven’t stopped thinking about Maribel and him (Julián) and the whole family because they know I’m a friend. I love them very much, I love her very much. I’ve given them their space, I wanted to go but I have lived this closely with my mother, losing a child is not easy, a part of your life dies and sometimes you have to let the mothers grieve.»

Yuri plans to visit Maribel Guardia

Yuri wants to be Maribel Guardia's spiritual guide

The singer acknowledged that she had not gone to see Maribel Guardia out of respect for her space: «In due time I will go to hug her, because what do you say to a person who is going through so much pain? That’s why people love her and she knows that life goes on and the pain is going to remain there because my mom cried all the time in the corners and she will still go through a more difficult process than when you miss people.»

But that’s not all the blonde singer said, as she offered to give her spiritual advice or to be Maribel Guardia’s ‘spiritual guide’: “I couldn’t believe it and no, it can’t be. I had an anxiety attack. If she asked me, Maribel has been in our meetings, she’s a spiritual woman and we are very sorry,» she said in an interview with Venga la Alegría.

People are still talking about Julián Figueroa’s death

Death Julian Figueroa
YouTube: Firsthand

Although it’s not yet known when Maribel Guardia will return to work, we know a dream about her son Julián Figueroa offered her some comfort. In the dream he hugged her and told her that he was fine, so she decided to move on for her grandson and her daughter-in-law Imelda Garza.

In a recent video, Maribel Guardia appeared with her grandson: «We’re leaving school, how are you?» Julián Figueroa’s mother says, and the 5-year-old immediately responds, «Fine.» She says: «Send a kiss to everyone, give Mimi a kiss (referring to herself).»

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