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Juan Manuel Cortés shows off his boyfriend on social media!

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Juan Manuel Cortés boyfriend, Driver, Journalist, Romance, Controversy / Juan Manuel Cortés novio, Conductor, Periodista, Romance, Polémica
Juan Manuel Cortés' boyfriend / Photo: Getty Images
  • Juan Manuel Cortés’ boyfriend is revealed!
  • His career after ¡Suelta la Sopa!
  • The pair is vacationing together.

Journalist Juan Manuel Cortés uncharacteristically shared a bit of his private life when he posted a video with his boyfriend, surprising his fans.

Although they have not hidden their relationship, the couple has always maintained a low profile, until recently when they allowed more of a glimpse into their private lives.

After ¡Suelta la Sopa! was cancelled, Cortés emerged as a successful entrepreneur, receiving recognition at various events.

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Photo: MundoNow

These ceremonies became an ideal platform to introduce his fans to his boyfriend, making their relationship official.

Cortés posted a video over Christmas on his official Instagram account, where he is with his boyfriend at the airport.

He did not reveal their destination, leaving his followers in suspense.

This is the second time the Colombian journalist has publicly shared his partner.

A video of Juan Manuel Cortés’ boyfriend

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Photo: Mezcalent

Last September, they reached an important milestone and were recognized for it at an event in Los Angeles.

It was there that the couple appeared together on stage for the first time.

The Colombian host made the transition from the world of entertainment to business, along with other major changes in his life.

Juan Manuel reached the pinnacle of success on the small screen on Telemundo’s ¡Suelta la Sopa!.

Carlos Augusto Maldonado is his business associate and partner

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Photo: Mezcalent

He is now focusing on his brand of vegan haircare and skincare products.

He is working closely with his business partner and boyfriend, actor and chef Carlos Augusto Maldonado.

Cortés and Augusto have been together for fifteen years, and they’ve been in business together for a little over three years.

During their 15-year relationship, Juan Manuel Cortés and Carlos Augusto Maldonado never looked as happy as they do now.

Cortés and Maldonado’s relationship

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Photo: Mezcalent

Their Instagram video was doubly special, as they showed off their love so publicly.

Although the relationship has not been a secret, they kept it very discreet.

You can see their special moments together on both men’s Instagram accounts.

Cortés’ followers quickly commented on his Instagram video.

What did people say about the video?

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Photo: Screenshot Instagram Juan Manuel Cortés

For many, this video was the first time they met Juan Manuel’s current partner, Carlos Augusto.

«Oh, I thought he liked women.» «I had never seen him with a boyfriend before.» «I see his partner for the first time.» «He always kept it hidden,» some remarked.

«First time showing his partner, have a good time.» «Are they boyfriends?» «Have a good time, wherever you go…. enjoy,» others wrote.

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