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A ‘white Christmas’ is forecast for various parts of the US

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  • A ‘white Christmas’ is forecast for various parts of the US.
  • Is snowfall coming?
  • Meteorologists expect a snowy winter.

Many people are dreaming of a white Christmas in the United States this year, since they’re ready to say goodbye to summer and enjoy some fluffy snow. Now, a weather forecast reveals what we can expect in December during the holidays.

The weather forecast for the end of the year has been revealed and weather experts share their predictions about what to expect in different parts of the country.

A white Christmas is forecast for the US

They forecast a White Christmas in the US

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that this year marks the return of the La Niña phenomenon, which is coming back for the third year in a row. Therefore, the weather is expected to change in the next few days in different parts of the country.

It should be remembered that La Niña is known for bringing warmer than average temperatures and will likely result in two different winters for different parts of the country. The weather phenomenon is likely to affect the southern part of the country, including areas in the southeast, locations along the Gulf Coast, and the eastern seaboard.

“Drought conditions are now present”

White Christmas forecast for the US: “Drought conditions are now present”"

Thanks to La Niña, the South will experience drier conditions, while areas like the Ohio Valley, the Great Lakes, the northern Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific Northwest will experience wetter conditions.

“Drought conditions are now present across approximately 59% of the country, but parts of the Western U.S and southern Great Plains will continue to be the hardest hit this winter,” said Jon Gottschalck, Division Chief of Operational Prediction of the NOAA Climate Prediction Center. Filed Under: US White Christmas Forecast

La Niña returns this winter

The Girl is present


Similarly, he added that dry weather conditions will occur: «With the La Niña climate pattern still in place, drought conditions may also expand to the Gulf Coast.» Some of the states that will experience warmer than average conditions include Alaska, the Great Central Basin, and the Southwest.

On Sunday, the Arctic as a whole averaged 11.5 degrees (6.4 degrees Celsius) warmer than the 1979-2000 average temperature and on Monday, computer models showed that average was likely 10.5 degrees (5 .9 degrees Celsius) warmer than normal. Filed Under: US White Christmas Forecast

Forecasters have a «frigid forecast»

Meteorologists expect a " icy forecast "

According to experts, this phenomenon will not be the only one that will affect the country this winter. There will also be different oscillations in the Arctic and North Atlantic, increasing the likelihood of Arctic air masses moving into southern United States and the likelihood of northeasterly storms on the East Coast. In short, Americans can expect two very different winters depending on their location.

Forecasters are expecting a «frigid forecast» in areas like the Deep South and Texas. This means that the weather will be colder and there will be a greater chance of snow in areas like New England, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and more. They expect record winter weather for these locations and encourage people to prepare ahead of time. With information from, The Sun and AP. Filed Under: US White Christmas Forecast

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