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More than 78 million Americans face severe weather with very high temperatures

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  • More than 78 million Americans will face severe weather with very high temperatures.
  • A dangerous heat wave will hit 18 states around the country, from Montana to Washington, DC.
  • So far this week there have been more than 250 reports of storms throughout the country.

The National Weather Service (NWS) alerted 78 million people and reported that extremely high temperatures ranging from the upper 90s to the low 100s are expected in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee and Arkansas, reported ABC News.

According to the NWS, there have been about 250 reports of severe storms «from Montana to South Carolina, including three tornadoes in Virginia, Maryland and Colorado.» Severe storms left thousands without power in South Dakota. Xcel Energy said 55,000 customers lost service when a long series of thunderstorms hit the state.

More than 250 reports of severe storms

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The Sioux Falls National Weather Service office said damaging winds, hail and flash flooding moved through the region. The storms began along the North Dakota border before intensifying in the county of Dewey, where hail up to 10 centimeters (4 inches) in diameter was recorded near Parade, AP reported.

Also, Washington, DC is currently under a flood watch, this same alert has been activated in other states such as Ohio, West Virginia and Indiana. Specifically, a flood warning has been issued in Fort Wayne. Filed Under: Extreme heat alert issued in the US.

Extreme heat warnings issued in 18 US states

severe weather united states
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The NWS warned that record or near-record highs are expected across the South through the weekend. He also indicated that severe weather will hit Montana where dangerous winds and hail are expected.

Similarly, excessive heat warnings have been issued from Texas to Ohio and Virginia. The NWS warned that the heat across the country will hit vulnerable populations the hardest: “Particularly people over 65, infants and children, people with chronic health conditions, people with low incomes, athletes, and outdoor workers.”  Filed Under: Extreme heat alert issued in the US.

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