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Vieira Vidente reveals what awaits the world after the earthquake in Turkey

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  • The nightmare will not end.
  • Vieira Vidente reveals what awaits the world after the earthquake in Turkey.
  • «May God protect us and take care of us.»

In the early hours of Monday, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck southeastern Turkey and northern Syria. So far there are more than 7,000 deaths and tens of thousands of injuries, not counting the people who are still missing under the rubble. In one of her most recent videos, Vieira Vidente reveals what awaits the world after this earthquake.

With more than one and a half million subscribers on her official YouTube channel, the renowned psychic recently revealed that something very powerful would happen this month. Now, many say that she was referring to this catastrophe.

Vieira Vidente on the Turkey earthquake

Turkey earthquake: Vieira Vidente does not remain silent
YouTube photo

After greeting her followers, Vieira Vidente recalled that she had previously said that in 2023 we should have ‘God in our hearts’ because sadly, with the earthquake in Turkey, other terrible events are expected to happen. Without letting any more time pass, she began with her card reading.

“There are too many people missing, too many people dead, but my ancestors are telling me that it is not all that has been said in the news and there are more numbers than what they are saying. I ask you for a chain of prayer so that you do not let your guard down, because more tremors are going to come, another small earthquake in a country that I am not going to say,» said the psychic.

«I see tears of blood»

"I see tears of blood"says Vieira Seer
YouTube photo

Next, Vieira Vidente revealed that she saw ‘tears of blood’ but that would not be all: «I had already said it, 2023 will be a very powerful year. We did not start very well, the earthquake and later a hurricane will come. I see more tremors coming. My prayers for Mexico, Puerto Rico, California, Chile and Argentina.

Another of her cards told the psychic that more ‘collapses’ are coming: “We are not going to find the light. In my cards I see that many people will still be missing after this second quake that is coming, which will not be as strong as the one that happened recently.”

After Turkey earthquake, a ‘well-known’ volcano will erupt

After Turkey earthquake, a 'well-known' volcano will erupt
YouTube photo

In another part of this video, available on her official YouTube channel, Vieira Vidente said that after the earthquake in Turkey she envisions that a «well-known» volcano will erupt. «It will wake up with a rage that many people will have to evacuate,» said the psychic.

“This is just the beginning. My prayers for the people of Turkey and Syria. May God give you peace and tranquility because nothing positive comes out in my cards. For the sun to rise again all over the world we have to pray and have faith, ask our angels and Almighty God to be able to stop this and for the ones that are not far,» she concluded.

The worst is yet to come

Turkey earthquake: The worst is yet to come
YouTube photo

Finally, Vieira Vidente said that in the next six or seven months she visualizes, in addition to tremors and hurricanes, «a lot of water», not counting power blackouts and forest fires. «This year is a very powerful year, for which we have to pray a lot.»

«Let us pray for all the countries, we are going to unite in many prayers.» «Prayers for these countries that are going through such difficult times.» «May God protect my Mexico.» «God protect us all.» «We only have pray a lot.” “What is happening is sad, but everything is already written.” “Everyone to pray, it does not matter what religion we are because there is only one God,”, you can read in the comments (CLICK TO SEE THE VIDEO HERE)

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