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UFOs in Chile: Interview with military pilot Rodrigo Bravo Garrido

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  • Chapter 17 Summary of La Huella OVNI.
  • The podcast focuses this time on the Chilean military pilot Rodrigo Bravo Garrido.
  • The UFO sightings in Chile are frequent.

In the program «La Huella OVNI» presented by Jorge Luis Sucksdorf, we’ll meet a Chilean military pilot named Rodrigo Bravo Garrido.

He’s an expert on the subject and will tell us some experiences and surprising cases of UFO sightings in Chile.

Rodrigo tells us that his interest in UFOs began when he was a military pilot and was asked to conduct an investigation into these mysterious flying objects.

Since then, he has been studying and helping in cases related to UFOs.

Narrations of Rodrigo Bravo Garrido

Extraterrestrials shadow walking in a forest

Jorge asks Rodrigo what has been the most surprising case he has experienced.

Rodrigo mentions a sighting that occurred in 2012, when he and other people saw a strange light that descended diagonally and then disappeared without explanation.

Although they can’t explain it, they call it an «unidentified aerial phenomenon» because no one knows what it was.

They also talk about another famous case in Chile.

UFO Phenomena in Chile

UFO flying in the sky

This occurred in 1977, and is known as the Valdez case.

On that occasion, a soldier named Corporal Valdez saw a strange light that scared him a lot.

Then, he disappeared for a while and when he came back, he felt disoriented and his watch was ahead.

This case has been a mystery for a long time.

Books by our interviewee

A open book unfolnding a galaxy

The presenter mentions the «Foo Fighters», which are mysterious flying objects that allied pilots saw during World War II.

Rodrigo also talks about his books «Nautical Ufology» and «The Extraterrestrials Have Died».

In them he explores more cases of UFO sightings and delves into the history and society related to this phenomenon and, best of all, his books are available for free download!

Get ready, as they will tell us surprising cases that have occurred in Chile and explore the mystery behind these unidentified flying objects!

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