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La Huella OVNI: The Abduction of Travis Walton

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  • La Huella OVNI tells the story of Travis Walton being taken.
  • This is a very well-known story about aliens taking someone.
  • The man talked about what he saw after a light covered him.

Jorge Luis Sucksdorf talks about Travis Walton’s story, one of the best-known ones about being taken by aliens.

People all over the world heard about it, and they even made a movie called «Fire in the Sky» about it.

When he was 22, Travis was working cutting down trees in a big park in Arizona when he was taken.

On November 5, 1975, after working all day, Travis and six friends were going home in their truck.

The Story of Travis Walton

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They saw a weird light far away. They thought it was a fire and went to see.

But it wasn’t a fire. It was a bright orange thing in the air, about the height of a ten-story building.

Without thinking, Walton went close to the thing, but his friends stayed back.

Suddenly, a bright light came from the thing and covered Travis. His friends got scared, got in the truck, and drove fast.


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When they came back a little later, Travis was not there. They looked everywhere, but couldn’t find him. They told people in town, but many laughed at them.

Days passed, and he was still missing. The police and news people started talking about it a lot.

What’s interesting is that the six friends all took a truth test and passed. This means they probably weren’t lying about what happened.

Five days later, Travis’s family got a call: he was at a gas place nearby.

Walton Talks About the Aliens

Shadow, Huella OVNI, Travis Walton, Podcast, MundoNow

When they saw him, he looked sick and very thin. He started telling them what happened. He said the bright light made him pass out.

When he woke up, there were weird small pale creatures around him.

After a scary time, a bigger creature made him feel better, and then Travis was back on the road.

Sucksdorf got to talk to Travis Walton in 2013 or 2014 at an event.

Talking About the Future

UFO, Sky, Podcast, Huella OVNI, MundoNow

Even though the talk wasn’t right for his TV show «Contacto extraterrestre», he was very interested in the story.

Travis told him everything, and Jorge Luis has that talk. He hopes people can hear it one day.

In the end, what happened to Travis Walton is still a big question.

What happened in 1975, him being gone for five days, meeting weird creatures, and what he said after all make people wonder what really happened.

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