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La Huella OVNI: HAARP, the Project of a Superweapon

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  • La Huella OVNI talks about HAARP.
  • It’s about a big weapon from the United States.
  • It gives details about how dangerous it might be.

Jorge Luis Sucksdorf, the storyteller, asks: «Are the strange things with the HAARP project just natural, or is there something more?»

People start talking about the HAARP project and how it might be linked to UFOs.

For many years, movies, tales, and chat rooms have talked about big weapons made by big countries, especially the United States and Russia.

Some think that these weapons can change the weather, make earthquakes, and do things no one can see. The storyteller talks about the HAARP project to explain these big weapon ideas.

What HAARP Does

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HAARP tries to change a part of the sky using radio sounds.

Some say this change can make big storms, big winds, earthquakes, and other bad weather.

People officially say HAARP studies the sky to make radio signals better for talking and finding directions.

The storyteller shows the difference between what officials say about HAARP and what others say about it being a weapon to change weather and make bad things happen.

Big Weapons and their Effects

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He says that in big group talks, even at the UN, people have been warned about these weapons, and countries have been told not to make them.

But, big countries haven’t agreed to this.

Three big antennas are a part of HAARP, working together to send signals up to the sky and study things we don’t fully know about.

Lately, with more big storms and earthquakes, people wonder if these weapons are being used.

Russia’s HAARP

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Some say that HAARP isn’t the only big weapon, and Russia might have one like it called «Sura.»

Also, Jorge Luis thinks these machines might come from ideas by Nikola Tesla and might be linked to UFOs.

People also think that hidden machines, usually used by armies, might be seen as UFOs.

Sucksdorf says again that all these strange things need to be looked into, but we don’t need to decide about them right now.

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