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The 15 most cruel and terrifying deaths of Mexican singers

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  • Famous gruperos stood out for their music and their talent, millions of people became their admirers; but they had a fatal fate and died in the most violent ways
  • From Sergio Gómez, singer of the group KPaz de la Sierra, to Valentín Elizalde, who were brutally murdered
  • Or the tragic accident in which ‘La Diva de la Banda’ lost her life, the beloved Jenni Rivera

They touched fame and suddenly everything was gone. Famous gruperos stood out for their music and their talent, millions of people became their admirers; but they had a fatal destiny and died in the most violent ways leaving an unexpected void in the world of entertainment and in the hearts of their fans. These are the 15 deaths of mexican singers more cruel and terrifying.

From Sergio Gómez, singer of the group KPaz de la Sierra, to Valentín Elizalde, who were brutally murdered, or the tragic accident in which ‘La Diva de la Banda’, Jenni Rivera, lost her life. Despite the fact that they are popular figures, many of these cases even remain unsolved.

Sergio Gómez of KPaz de la Sierra

The 15 most cruel and terrifying deaths of Mexican singers
AP Photo

Sergio Gómez Sánchez was the vocalist for K-Paz de la Sierra, a regional Mexican music group. On December 1, 2007, its lead singer and founder, Sergio Gómez, was kidnapped after a presentation they had in Michoacán, as reported The Day. The artist was not only kidnapped, but was tortured and killed. His body was found on December 3 on the shores of the Morelia-Chiquimitío highway.

Days later, it emerged a video that puzzled everyone. In the images you can see how, when opening his coffin, the corpse apparently opens his eyes. The viewers’ reaction was immediate: “It seems to open your eyes,” they commented on social networks.

Jenni Rivera

The 15 most cruel and terrifying deaths of Mexican singers
Photo: Mezcalent

Jenni Rivera boarded a private flight on December 9, 2012 to Adolfo López Mateos International Airport in Toluca. However, a tragic accident caused the death of the ‘Diva de la Banda’ and six other people who accompanied her, which caused a strong impact on the fans and in general in the world of music. But around his death there remains a cloud of uncertainty.

More than eight years have passed and there are still videos of people who say they have warned the singer, an interview has come to light in which Jenni Rivera acknowledges that she had received several death threats, other people affirm that they have seen her silhouette at the place of her death, in Itubirde, Nuevo León (WATCH VIDEO), there are even those who claim that she has not actually died and that ‘The Great Lady’ is still alive and hidden somewhere.

Gabino ayala

The 15 most cruel and terrifying deaths of Mexican singers
PHOTO: Instagram screenshot Gabino Ayala

One of the most recent losses in the group world is that of Gabino Ayala. On December 25, 2020, an attack was reported where it was performed by accordionist Gabino Ayala, who was a member of the group “Máximo Impacto”, as reported by the Heraldo de México. The Mexican media reported that the musician was executed in a commercial plaza in the city of Tecate, in the state of Baja California, Mexico.

The attack on the artist also left two other victims and a fourth person was hospitalized. The unofficial versions indicate that the victims are his wife and brother-in-law, while the latest victim has not been identified. Apparently, the attack on Gabino Ayala was caused by a “revenge” related to organized crime groups in Mexico, according to SinEmbargo.

Valentin Elizalde

The 15 most cruel and terrifying deaths of Mexican singers
Lottery pays tribute to Valentín Elizalde. Photo: Mezcalent

Valentín Elizalde Valencia was a talented Mexican singer who became an exponent of regional Mexican music. In 2006, the truck where the “Golden Rooster” was traveling, as they called him, was attacked just as it was leaving a fair in Tamaulipas. In the car were the singer, his representative and his driver, who lost their lives when three men with heavy caliber weapons shot them more than 70 times.

Years later, the death of the singer continues to give something to talk about and it is that much has been rumored about the betrayal of his cousin Tano Elizalde. On the official YouTube channel of the Ventaneando program, you can see a video with the title “Valentín Elizalde betrayed by his own cousin Tano?” In the publication they argue that Tano Elizalde was the lucky survivor of the murder of his cousin, Valentín Elizalde, so many wonder if it was luck or an ambush on his part.

Sergio vega

Photo: Twitter

Sergio Vega “El Shaka” was a famous singer of regional Mexican music, who stood out in the Banda and Norteño styles. On June 26, 2010, the singer from Sonora was on his way to a presentation at the Alhuel fair, which was located just over an hour from Culiacán; however, he was intercepted on a highway in Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

‘El Shaka’ lost his life when an armed group from Sinaloa attacked the vehicle in which he was traveling and shot him at least 30 times, he reported. Millennium.

Selena quintanilla

The 15 most cruel and terrifying deaths of Mexican singers
Photo: Mezcalent

Selena Quintanilla revolutionized the world of music, she became a fashion icon and at that time all young women wanted to be like the Tex-Mex singer. The singer was murdered in 1995 by her collaborator, Yolanda Saldívar. In the middle of an argument with the singer, allegedly due to mismanagement of her finances, the woman shot her in the lower right shoulder, causing the young woman to lose a lot of blood. Saldívar was charged with first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

The case of the death of Selena Quintanilla is one of the few in which the name of the murderer is known. To the disappointment of many of her fans, Yolanda Saldívar, Selena Quintanilla’s murderer, could be released and be released from jail in 2025 for good behavior, according to information on the Quien portal. The defendant recently turned 60 and has now received the news that she could be released for good behavior.

Aldo Sarabia

Photo: Twitter

Aldo Sarabria was a member of the renowned Mexican music band El Recodo. The musician was missing for a week and at dawn on Wednesday, October 22, 2014, he was found dead on a road that leads to the community of El Recodo, in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Later, it was learned that Sarabria died from a shot that was given to her with a nine-millimeter weapon.

The murderer of the trumpeter from El Recodo was his wife’s lover. As reviewed TV stars, the Sinaloa Attorney General’s Office arrested and charged the wife and her lover since both were involved in the death of the musician. The investigations showed that Alma (the wife) had invited Aldo to eat, they both got into a truck, meanwhile Yahir (the lover) was hiding in the trunk.

Luis mendoza

This was the truck in which the Mexican singer Luis Mendoza was executed with 100 bullets
PHOTO YouTube ICE Agency

Luis Mendoza, vocalist of the group Los Ronaldos, was assassinated in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora. The regional music singer was traveling with his representative in a white Chevrolet double cab pickup truck when they were shot. The police recovered at the scene of the events, on Morelos and Tabasco streets in the Quinta Díaz neighborhood in Cajeme, Sonora, more than 100 shell casings of different calibers fired from both sides.

It was also reported that this unfortunate event occurred through the channel of Youtube from the ICE Agency, you can see the video in which you can see how Luis Mendoza’s truck was left, who is remembered for his interpretations of songs such as Y para qué and El corrido de la jefa. “It was learned that the victims were members of the Los Ronaldos Group, Luis Carlos Mendoza and Luis Alberto, assistant, who on Saturday afternoon were hired to play at La Ktrina antro bar”, can be read in this publication.

Zayda Pena

Photo: Twitter

Another of the unfortunate deaths of Mexican singers was that of Zayda Peña. On November 30, 2007, an armed squad broke into her room at a Matamoros motel and seriously wounded her. Even so, the singer was immediately transferred to the hospital where they managed to stabilize her. However, the next day at dawn a murderer infiltrated the clinic to ‘finish the job’ and shot him several times, he reported. TV stars,

According to People en Español, the reason why the grupera singer Zayda Peña Arjona was murdered has not yet been entirely clear. Although, the newspaper El Universal reported that the investigation pointed to a crime of passion caused by a lesbian love.

Diego Rivas

Photo: Twitter

Diego Rivas “El Comander” was a singer and songwriter born in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

On November 14, 2011, the narcocorrido singer was meeting with several people in a house located in Culiacán, Sinaloa. In the early hours of the morning, an armed group entered the home and not only shot the singer but also all those who were in the place, he reported. TV stars.

Kombo Kolombia

Photo: Twitter

The death of the 17 members of the El Kombo Kolombia group was, in reality, a massacre. All of them were kidnapped and later murdered in the municipality of Mina, in Nuevo León, Mexico. According to investigations, the group used to act for organized crime and drug trafficking groups, one of which allegedly acted as a sponsor.

Eight months after the incident, the authorities captured an alleged “hawk” and recruiter for the Los Zetas cartel, Edgar Alberto de la Garza Treviño, 22, who apparently was guarding the area of ​​the road to Monclova during the operation to murder musicians.

Singer Enrique Ruiz

Photo: Shutterstock

On October 12, 2017, the singer of the Cuisillos Band was murdered outside his home in Guadalajara by several men who shot him at point-blank range.

The police ruled out that it was an attempted assault, as was initially speculated, reported TV stars.

Hugo Figueroa

Photo: Twitter

Joan Sebastian’s nephew, Hugo Figueroa, was kidnapped and shot. The video The fact with really violent images runs through social networks.

The body of the young man was found dead on January 30, 2019 on a highway in Michoacán. Since his body had several gunshot wounds, the authorities classified it as a homicide, he said. TV stars.

Alberto Lizárraga – Singer of the MS Band

Photo: Twitter

Alberto Lizárraga was a member of the MS Band and he was also the grandson of Cruz Lizárraga, one of the founders of the El Recodo band.

The young Alberto Lizárraga lost his life on March 8, 2011, in the middle of a shooting that occurred in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, reported Milenio.

Francisco Fourcade

Photo: Twitter

Francisco Fourcade was a young narcocorrido singer. On February 4, 2019, the body of the interpreter was found in a channel in front of the Vizcaya University of Guaymas, Sonora.

The 34-year-old singer had been kidnapped by an armed group that killed him with at least 50 bullets, he reported TV stars.

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