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Corners Outreach opens its new headquarters in Atlanta

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Chronicle headquarters inaugurated to help Latinos- Crónica Inauguran ayudar latinos
Corners Outreach opens new location in Atlanta
  • Corners Outreach opens new headquarters.
  • The organization helps underserved students of color.
  • Ambition plans are on the horizon.

Yesterday was a special day in Georgia for people of color, especially for our Hispanic community residing in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Renowned non-profit organization Corners Outreach opens a new headquarters, marking a significant milestone.

This non-profit has been serving people of color for years, but recently, it has focused more on the Latino community.

In fact, during the opening of the new building, they announced, among other things, that many positive developments for our people are on the way.

Corners Outreach helps Latino students

Chronicle, headquarters, inaugurated, to help Latinos, conference
Larry Campbell announced the organization’s plans / Photos: Mario Guevara/MundoNow

Larry Campbell, the executive director of Corners Outreach, announced a new food bank to benefit needy families will be opening soon.

They also plan to promote sports so that children and young people can stay active and engaged during their free time.

This is just part of what lies ahead, as they have partnered with a couple of other organizations that also focus on mental health.

“Equipping Metro Atlanta’s underserved students of color and their families to lead full lives through educational development and economic opportunities,” the organization states on its website.

Get to know the organization

Chronicle, inaugurated, help Latinos, interview, MundoNOW
United Way is one of the two organizations allied with Corners Outreach / Photos: Mario Guevara/MundoNow

Corners Outreach was founded in 2012 as an academy dedicated to supporting students in Gwinnett and DeKalb counties with free summer events.

Their success was such that in 2018, they expanded their services to the parents of these youngsters, benefiting thousands of people of all ages.

By 2021, they had already invested over a million dollars in these causes. And with the growth of our community, they felt the need to do more.

Currently, all their staff is bilingual. If you wish to be one of the beneficiaries of this non-profit or inquire more about their programs, call (404) 659-0919.

headquarters, inauguration, building, latinos, MundoNOW
Corners Outreach opens at 1854 Shackleford Rd. Norcross, Georgia, Suite 100 / Photos: Mario Guevara/MundoNow

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