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Spanish singer Rocío Dúrcal’s tragic death (PHOTOS)

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  • The details of Rocío Dúrcal’s death are revealed.
  • The Spanish singer’s husband died under mysterious circumstances.

The ‘most Mexican’ Spanish singer, Rocío Dúrcal was very famous throughout Latin America for her romantic songs. However, she had a special love and appreciation for Mexico, which is why she’s considered the ‘most Mexican’.

Her songs Como tu mujer, Amor Eterno, Vestida de Blanco, among others, were great hits that turned the Spaniard into one of the best performers of ballads and romantic songs in her day. However, she died tragically and is still remembered affectionately today.

Rocío Dúrcal’s incredible success

The autopsy of Rocío Dúrcal
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Rocío Dúrcal died at the age of 61 after having struggled for years with a serious illness that caused her health to deteriorate little by little. She was considered ‘La Ranchera Española’ and was one of the most recognized artists worldwide due to her great compositions.

She enjoyed 40 years of a great musical career. In addition to being a singer, she was a film, theater and television actress. According to Qué ver, she performed songs with great Mexican artists for years. Filed Under: Rocío Dúrcal’s death

Rocío Dúrcal’s tragic death

The autopsy of Rocío Dúrcal
PHOTO: Mezcalent

For four decades, Rocio Durcal was able to enjoy great success and the love of the Latino public. She was one of the most beloved and recognized women in Mexico. However, the ‘Spanish Ranchera’ began suffering from terrible health problems.

Rocío was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2002, according to the outlet. She died on March 25, 2006, after a long battle with cancer. For four years the Como Tu Mujer singer fought with all her might to overcome her disease. Filed Under: Rocío Dúrcal’s death

The singer’s illness

PHOTO: Mezcalent

The most Mexican Spaniard decided to postpone concerts, tours, presentations, with the aim of being able undergo cancer treatment. Rocío withdrew from the stage with great regret, without wanting to do it, but hoping to prolong her life.

Little by little, the artist disappeared from the public eye and, when she was seen, she had very little hair and was noticeably ill. She appeared at some awards show, but in a very limited way, which caused her fans great sadness. The actress was cremated and her ashes were scattered in Spain and the United States.

“He died of love”

PHOTO: Mezcalent

According to Que Ver, Rocío Dúrcal’s death was so depressing for her husband Antonio Morales that by 2014 he could no longer bear the absence of his beloved wife and ended his life at his Madrid chalet.

The gardener discovered Rocío Dúrcal’s widower’s body. Later, it was discovered that the singer’s husband was going through a serious depression, due to his wife’s death. However, the source reported that Antonio’s death certificate indicates that he died of “natural causes.”


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