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Diego Verdaguer’s autopsy: How the Argentine singer died

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  • Diego Verdaguer’s autopsy reveals his health issues.
  • Did he refuse the COVID-19 vaccine?
  • The Argentine singer’s last message before he died.

Diego Verdaguer’s autopsy: January 27, 2022 was the date on which the singer Diego Verdaguer, famous for duetting with his wife Amanda Miguel, died. The Argentine artist died suddenly, shocking his millions of fans.

The La Ladrona singer, was considered one of the greatest performers of romantic music and ballads, always in the company of his wife. It was reported that Verdaguer was in extremely good health, until his cause of death was revealed.

Diego Verdaguer’s autopsy: How his death was confirmed

The autopsy of Diego Verdaguer
PHOTO: Instagram

On Thursday, January 27, 2022, the Argentine singer died at the age of 70. The singer passed away due to complications from COVID-19 after he spending days battling the disease. Verdaguer was hospitalized in Los Angeles, California.

At the end of 2021 that the singer contracted the deadly virus, however Verdaguer’s health worsened in a matter of days and he ultimately passed away. Filed Under: Diego Verdaguer’s autopsy

The truth behind Diego Vergaguer’s death

The autopsy of Diego Verdaguer
PHOTO: Getty Images

According to the BBC, Diego Verdaguer died of complications from COVID-19 because he, reportedly, wasn’t vaccinated. Amanda Miguel tweeted about his skepticism regarding the vaccine: “Maybe the ‘vaccine’ is the famous Covid, no thanks. Not even the microchip at all,” he said.

This is how it was discovered that Amanda Miguel and her husband were not vaccinated, which is why it’s suspected that the singer had serious health complications due to the disease. Filed Under: Diego Verdaguer’s autopsy

Verdaguer’s career with Amanda Miguel

PHOTO: Getty Images

Diego Verdaguer’s death was announced on Instagram. “Due to the deep pain that his passing has caused, his family has decided to say goodbye to him in private and spend this difficult moment in peace and quiet. Later they will organize a public memorial,” it reads.

The Volveré singer began his career as a soloist, however in 1975 he married Amanda Miguel and the two formed a duo, touring, recording albums and more importantly, spreading love throughout Latin America and the United States. Filed Under: Diego Verdaguer’s autopsy

The singer’s last Instagram post

PHOTO: Instagram

January 27, 2022 was the last time the singer posted on Instagram, where he shared a photo on the beach with his wife. Verdaguer captured a clip of the lyrics of his song Ladrona, dedicating it to his beloved wife. “I will never tire of dedicating it to you! You are and will be the thief who stole my heart,” he wrote.

The photo received thousands of comments offering condolences: “I admire your strength very much. I was very moved by this message from #diegoverdaguer and I would love it if you could put it up as his last message of love for you.» «It always will be, they were and will be the ideal couple, both beautiful.  «You can’t believe it so full of life and very happy for his tour and he left. Fly, fly high Diego.» Filed Under: Diego Verdaguer’s autopsy

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