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Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell is reportedly on his death bed

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Steve Harwell health problems (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Former Smash Mouth singer is on his death bed.
  • Steve Harwell is in hospice care.
  • He has been battling addiction and illness.

Steve Harwell rose to fame as the lead singer for the popular band Smash Mouth.

However, in 2021 the group announced Harwell was retiring due to health problems.

Harwell was replaced by current Smash Mouth frontman Zach Goode while he sought treatment.

Now it’s being reported that the singer is in hospice care and on the brink of death.

Smash Mouth replaces Steve Harwell

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Harwell served was the lead singer of Smash Mouth since its inception more than two decades ago.

However, his issues with alcohol caused him serious health problems, which is why he had to leave the famous band.

Smash Mouth found a replacement for him and has continued to perform.

Sadly, Steve Harwell’s health has continued to worsen, according to his manager.

Steve Harwell’s rise to fame

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Smash Mouth has been a major player in the music industry for more than 25 years, with many hits.

All Star remains one of their most popular songs since its release in 1999.

It was featured in the movie Shrek along with other of the band’s hits.

The song is finding a new life on social media thanks to the Shrek soundtrack.

A controversial performance

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Unfortunately, Steve Harwell’s issues with substance abuse began to cause problems for the group.

Before being replaced as vocalist due to his illness, he performed with them in 2021 in New York.

It was at that concert that, for reasons still unknown, Harwell threatened to murder the families of various audience members.

He also made a Nazi salute while he was still on stage.

Harwell’s final show

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This Smash Mouth concert in New York was Steve Harwell’s last performance with the band.

That concert was described by various attendees as the «most chaotic» that they had witnessed.

After the show Harwell left the group in order to treat his addiction and health problems.

His spokesman said his issues were both physical and mental.

Harwell is on the verge of death

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On Sunday, September 3, TMZ reported that the singer’s health has declined.

Although he left Smash Mouth in order to treat his health issues, he has gotten sicker.

TMZ reports that his manager has given a sad update on the singer’s condition.

Steve Harwell is now on the verge of death thanks to the illnesses that have tormented him for a long time.

His last days

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The manager has stated that Harwell is in the last chapter of his life and his family are saying their final goodbyes.

TMZ also noted that he is in the final stage of liver failure after abusing alcohol throughout his life.

In the last few days, friends and relatives of the singer have been coming to see him one last time.

Harwell’s manager told TMZ said the singer probably only has a week to live.

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