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Rafael Amaya’s girlfriend shares photos but people don’t like how the couple looks (PHOTOS)

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  • Rafael Amaya’s girlfriend sparks controversy.
  • Rafael Amaya is happy with a new woman named Maritza Ramos.
  • The couple is very much in love, but… people don’t like how they look together?

A few weeks after Rafael Amaya was seen at the media presentation of El Señor de los Cielos 8 accompanied by a «mysterious brunette woman,» it has been confirmed that she is his girlfriend Maritza Ramos.

Very little is known about her and how they met, but she was encouraged to share some previously unpublished photographs.

Rafael Amaya made sure that, during the presentation from the most recent season of the Telemundo series that gave the Mexican international fame, the press not ask him about his love life so he was accused of wanting to hide Maritza Ramos.

Now she has publicly declared her love for the actor.

Rafael Amaya no longer hides his love for his girlfriend

Rafael Amaya's girlfriend
Instagram: La Mesa Caliente

After Rafael Amaya «disappeared» for months due to addiction problems, and finally wound up in rehab, the actor focused on his professional career and his personal life and, apparently, this was when he met his current girlfriend Maritza Ramos.

According to sources close to him, she «keeps him on the right track.»

Little is known how the romance between Rafael Amaya and his girlfriend started, but the truth is that now the actor is having a successful comeback on El Señor de los Cielos with the season that has just begun to air…

But are his fans not happy to see him with Maritza Ramos?

Maritza Ramos is Rafael Amaya’s new girlfriend

Maritza Ramos and the Lord of the Skies

Rafael Amaya’s girlfriend knows that she is the mind of the actor’s fans, who would die for a romance with El Señor de los Cielos.

She made it known in recent photos on Instagram, that have since gone viral, that she is very much in love.

The snapshots shared by Maritza Ramos were also shared by La Mesa Caliente and La Lengua Te Ve.

In them Rafael Amaya is wearing an elegant black suit and tie, while Ramos wears a black dress and they gaze at each other with great affection.

Do people disapprove of the romance?

Rafael Amaya with Maritza Ramos

In several photographs, you can see how Maritza Ramos is lost in love for Rafael Amaya and how the actor reciprocates.

Comments were immediate: «Wow Beautiful couple.» “How beautiful, long live love and be very happy, take care.” “How lucky I would die for a photo with him like this.” “She is very pretty and they make a beautiful couple.”

But not everything was rosy and several criticized the couple.

«Poor woman, then all that remains is what the wind took.» » I don’t know who she is.” “He can do better.” “I don’t like them.” “I feel like she’s not  made for him.”

Who is Maritza Ramos?

The Lord of the Skies with his new partner

According to infobae, Maritza Ramos is Rafael Amaya’s manager and their relationship has been going on for two and a half years.

She met him during his most difficult stage when he was addicted to drugs and women, and she has been a great support to him in his recovery.

People en Español reported that the actor’s girlfriend is Mexican-American and before becoming Rafael Amaya’s manager, she was a government employee in the finance area, since she has a degree in accounting.

Apparently she handled the actor’s finances until they fell in love and began dating. Some images in this article come from the following video.

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