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Bipartisan legislation introduced to force release of UFO documents

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  • Senator Chuck Schumer supports new legislation to force release of UFO documents.
  • Congress seeks to declassify some UFO documents.
  • For more on UFOs listen to La Huella Ovni on Óyenos Audio.

MundoNow’s Óyenos Audio platform introduces a new podcast called La Huella Ovni. It’s a space to think, understand and learn about UFO incidents, headed by Argentine documentary filmmaker Jorge Luis Sucksdorf.

In related news, Congress has introduced bipartisan legislation backed by Chuck Schumer to declassify some UFO documents.


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Bipartisan legislation to force release of UFO documents

UFO Documents Legislation Proposal Presented
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According to The New York Times, NY Senator Chuck Schumer is backing legislation that seeks to create a commission with broad authority to declassify government documents related to UFOs and extraterrestrial affairs.

The legislation was introduced in order to compel the government to share everything that is known about the unidentified phenomena. With this measure they seek to tamp down the conspiracy theories about the government hiding UFOS.

Proposed legislation on UFO documents to be added to a defense bill

Proposed legislation on UFO documents to be tabled as an amendment
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Senator Schumer seeks to introduce the legislation as an amendment to the annual defense bill, which has bipartisan support. He has been joined by senators from South Dakota and Florida, Mike Rounds and Marco Rubio.

On Wednesday the amendment was added to the annual defense bill. This intends to push the Pentagon to make public documents on unidentified aerial phenomena.

Don’t call them UFOs!

They have agreed not to call them UFO
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According to The New York Times, the government has decided not to use the term UFO anymore. Though various agencies have not yet agreed on calling unidentified flying objects ‘aerial phenomena’ or ‘anomalous phenomena’.

The measure proposed by the Senate establishes a period of 300 days in which government agencies must organize their records related to unidentified aerial phenomena so that they can later be delivered to the review board.

Biden would appoint the review board

Biden would appoint the review board
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The New York Times points out Joe Biden would be in charge of appointing members of a review board that would consist of nine people. However, they have also indicated that this group would be subject to the approval of the Senate.

Members of the Senate point out that the intention in selecting the group of people who make up the review board is that they will be in charge of pressing for disclosure while protecting sensitive intelligence-gathering methods.

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